ProShine Spray and Shine

ProShine Spray and Shine (Waterless Wash)


Waterless Car Wash Test: ProShine Spray and Shine Waterless Wash and Wax

16 fl oz (473 ml) £11.99/32 fl oz (946 ml) £13.95

This is a very good product! It’s extremely easy to use, and you just literally spray it on and wipe it off. We used it in direct sunlight, and the car was fairly warm. However, it didn’t ‘cake’ on and there was virtually no effort in taking it off. The car we tested it on was pretty dirty too, but the ProShine made easy work of cleaning the car and left an extremely deep shine to the paintwork as it contains Carnauba wax. Even the plastic came up well. It also surprisingly lasts well too, even in the harshest winter weather, and you’ll still be getting rainwater beading up a couple of weeks later.

A good idea after you’ve sprayed on and removed the ProShine, is to check along gaps such as your doors and bonnet as it dries a white-ish colour and you can clearly see any ‘overspray’. It will easily wipe off though, so don’t panic.

A word of advice though – although waterless washes can work well, they are not designed for cleaning thick dirt off cars – you’ll just end us damaging the paintwork if you try this.

Update: After trying this product out again recently, we did find that it will remove most protective layers such as wax, and also any previous tyre and trim products you’ve applied will be stripped off by it, hence the score reduction. Although it may seem a decent enough product to use, just be aware that any hard work you’ve put in on the above mentioned will be either vastly reduced in longevity, or will dissipate altogether.

7/10 ProShine gives a deep shine and a level of protection to paintwork, but isn’t wax-friendly.

+ If you’re not overly fussy with your car and don’t wax it often, then this is an okay product to use

Strips away layers of wax and tyre and trim products

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4 responses to “ProShine Spray and Shine”

  1. manuela

    I’ve heard about this product PRO SHINE, but to clean furniture. I live in Lisbon, Portugal; I’d like to know where I can buy this product, in my country. Thanks. Manuela

  2. cdavies

    Hi Manuela,
    thanks for the question. To be honest – we have no idea on that one, but I am sure that you could order it from the U.K. with no problems.
    Try Googling it to find a stockist and then perhaps email them about it.
    Chris (admin).

  3. Sean Poyser

    Can’t believe you scored it down because it “strips wax”, it actually contains wax (the clue is in the name Waterless Wash & Wax!) and leaves a wax protective layer behind so to claim it removes wax is nonsense!

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