StjärnaGloss Gläsparla Hyper Beader

Car Drying Aid Test: StjarnaGloss Glasparla Hyper Beader 16oz (473ml) – £7.95

Gläsparla is an easy to use drying aid for your car. It’s extremely handy in both winter and summer conditions as drying off your car can be a bit of nightmare in certain conditions. In summer, it’s prone to water spots (where the water dries out quickly and natural minerals are left behind) and in winter it’s a very unpleasant job.

This product makes drying your car a breeze, plus it gives it a great shine and leaves water sheeting off nicely and beading well too.

We found that it especially left great water beading on the windows, which previously had had no protection applied to them. Another big plus with this product is that it will not strip wax off paintwork, whereas other drying aids sometimes do. It also helps to maintain the life of any wax already on the car. Remember though, this is not designed to act as a wax, but rather it’s there to help you dry off your car and give it a quick sparkle without much effort. Beading isn’t amazing, but it will work much better on paintwork which is well maintained.

We did notice however, that it does significantly improve water sheeting and beading abilities when used on an un-waxed car.

There’s a couple of ways to use Gläsparla. Obviously, you do need to wash your car first though. One is to use a spray bottle – the type where you just pump the trigger. You can dilute it at a 10:1 ratio, making it ultra cheap to use. Just spray it all over your wet car and then use a microfibre cloth to remove it all until the paintwork is dry. The other way to use it (the more fun way) is to get yourself a Snow Foam lance, which attaches to your power washer – these are available from most detailing stores. Dilute the Gläsparla to a 2:1 ratio mixture in your Snow Foam lance bottle, and then spray the whole car with it – you’re almost guaranteed to get your neighbour giving you funny looks as you spray this stuff on but hey, it’s cool stuff and is great fun to do!

After you’ve done this, simply blast it all off with clean water, wipe the vehicle down with a decent microfibre until it’s dry – and you’ve got one nice ‘n shiny car in double-quick time.

As a side note, you hardly need any of the product to do a full car if you’re using a snow foam lance  – we used just 50ml of it with 100ml of water and it was easily enough to do the small 4×4 test vehicle twice over!

8/10 A good innovative product which helps maintain wax and makes drying your paintwork easy.

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Car drying aid,

Measuring out the Gläsparla

car drying aid

Into the Snow Foam bottle, ready for use

Car drying aid

The fun part - applying it!

car drying aid

How it looks after leaving it for around 30 seconds

car drying aid

Beading qualities on windows is excellent

car drying aid

More beading

Drying aid test and review

Final results after drying - one shiny 4x4

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