StjarnaGloss Red Sno pH-Neutral Snow Foam

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Snow Foam Test: StjärnaGloss Red Snö 473ml – £7.95

As an alternative to car shampoo, snow foam can be used through a pressure washer system. You can simply buy a foam lance through most detailing/valeting online stores with the right attachment for your pressure washer, and use a snow foam to cover your car. Get the right snow foam and this can be a great way to wash your car quickly and with a bit of fun involved.

StjärnaGloss’ Red Snö foam makes washing your car easy, enjoyable and it leaves a nice finish to the paintwork too. This snow foam is Ph-neutral and has ‘gloss enhancers and wax’ within the ingredients, meaning that if you’ve spent hours waxing your pride and joy, you’ve no need to fear this product removing the wax.

It can be diluted up to 1:20, but we found it best to use between a 1:5 and 1:10 mixture as that way it still cleans well and lathers up nicely. As it’s comes out a nice Red/dark Pink colour, you can get a few curious looks from people walking past when they see you spraying it on, but that’s all part of the pleasure of using it. Talking of pleasure, this stuff is an absolute joy to use when it comes to spreading it about with a wash mitt. It makes the wash mitt simply glide across the bodywork and once you’ve rinsed off the foam and dried the car, a wonderful glossy look is left behind, along with a ‘just waxed’ feel to the paint. In really hot weather we would recommend only doing a couple of panels at a time before rinsing it off and to get the best results, use it in cooler temperatures.

9/10 An excellent snow foam which cleans well, is wax-safe and leaves a nice glossy finish and feel behind
StjarnaGloss Red Snö, StjarnaGloss Red Sno,

The Red Snö diluted and ready for use

StjarnaGloss Red Snö, StjarnaGloss Red Sno,

Applying the snow foam and yes, it's as fun as it looks to do this

StjarnaGloss Red Snö, StjarnaGloss Red Sno,

Car fully covered

StjarnaGloss Red Snö test and review, StjarnaGloss Red Sno test and review

The wash mitt simply glides across the paintwork

StjarnaGloss Red Snö test and review, StjarnaGloss Red Sno test and review

The result - A superb feel and finish

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Star gloss Red Snow pH Neutral Foam

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  1. Lincoln Ashe

    where can I purschase SNOW FOAM do you deliver to the us

  2. Lincolneas

    I am looking for a full size and maybe a samplesize

  3. Dave Wilse

    Your application is completely wrong, SNOW FOAM is a pre-treatment and should be left to settle for 3 minutes. SNOW FOAM should then be removed using a power washer. Washing should follow this process !!!!

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