Turtle Wax Specialised Alloy Wheel Cleaner Kit

Turtle Wax Specialised Alloy Wheel Clean Kit test and review

Wheel Cleaner Test: Turtle Wax Specialised Alloy Wheel Cleaner Kit 500ml-£5.99/1 Litre-£9.99

This product from Turtle Wax works slightly better than their ICE wheel cleaner, but only because it comes with a long, thin brush, which can reach between wheel spokes, gets to the back of them, and into the tighter areas with ease.

With this product, you pour it into the small tub that comes in the kit, and ‘paint’ it straight on. After around a minute, you can swill it off with water, and it leaves the wheel looking clean and shiny, with no streaking left behind. A quick and easy to use cleaner.

8/10 An excellent price and does the job well. Doesn’t smell to acidic either.

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