Buy Naviwax Car Wax

Want a car wax that gives stunning results every time with very little effort? Yes? Then Naviwax is for you.

Benefits of Naviwax Carnauba Car Wax

  • Contain high quality carnauba wax and nano-technology ingredients
  • High quality paint protection.
  • Easily applied in virtually any weather condition (makes cleaning and waxing your car in winter MUCH easier).
  • Your car doesn’t even need to be completely dry!
  • Stunning beading of water
  • Long lasting
  • Can be used on exterior trim, windows & rubber.
  • Very economical. A little Naviwax goes a very long way.
  • Naviwax Ultimate wax includes fillers to help hide swirl marks.

Buy Naviwax and your mates will all be begging you to reveal what your secret weapon is in getting such stunning results. We get lots of feedback from detailers and enthusiasts all saying how much they love this wax. Order Naviwax now and we’ll get it out to you super fast.


11 responses to “Buy Naviwax Car Wax”

  1. chuck quercia

    Do you ship to the USA ? How much for the sample of Naviwax dark in US dollars alos what is shipping? Do you have Naviwax Ultimate ? Do you take Visa or MC ?

  2. Rodie Greaves

    I was wanting to buy the naviwax ultimate and the ultra fine cloth but you have the sold out sign up for both. Wondering when you are expecting new supplies and can i reserve them once you get new stock in?

  3. Stuart Kennedy

    Hi Chris,

    When will Naviwax Ultimate be available again as well as the Microfibre cloths.?



  4. paul hobbis

    hi guys iam desperate to get my hands on navwax before winter sets in. can you supply me with the following, 1navi wax liquid detaler, 2snap seal wax 3navi wax ultimate ,I would be very grateftfull if you would respond to this request. thanks again paul hobbis

  5. Kevin

    Where and how can I order naviwax?

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