Bollé Anaconda sunglasses: We test ’em hard!

Excellent frames/lenses, comfortable, lightweight, brilliant clarity

Lenses sit close to face, becoming smeared easily

Bolle Anaconda sunglasses review fishing in Florida

Design and build quality

Bolle Anaconda sunglasses

First impressions last, so ‘they’ say, and on opening the case and pulling out the Bollé sunglasses, we were greeted with a pair of good looking, smart Anaconda’s. No, not the snakes – that would have been really bad for my hand! These Anaconda glasses have polarised, ‘Category 3’ polycarbonate lenses (for wearing in strong sunlight) with B88 high-grade nylon frames in the ‘Shiny Black’ colour.

Bolle Anaconda sunglasses

As mentioned, they look great and will suit most men – these aren’t unisex. Some sunglasses in this type of sports style can be accused of looking either too over the top sporty, or just downright ugly and outdated. The Anaconda’s certainly cannot be accused of this, and they’ll look fresh in even a few years. A good thing too, as they’re made tough and we think will easily last a good long while.

Bollé Anaconda sunglasses review. Image shows the included soft case is made of tough, durable material, and will keep the glasses well protected.
The quality of these Bollé’s is clear to see, and even under close scrutiny there were no marks or blemishes where the frames were moulded or screwed together. The case that was included is a decent one, and although not rigid, it isn’t just a small ‘slip-in’ bag either. It too, is well-made and made of tough material and we found the lanyard clip really useful, especially as we could clip them inside a rucksack when travelling around airports or hiking – it saved us time from having to rout around the rest of the content. Good thinkin’ Bollé.

Warranty  2 years
Colour (frames)  Shiny Black, Dark Tortoise, Blue Swirl, Shiny White, Satin Crystal
Colour (lenses)  Modular Gray, Polarized Inland Gold, Amber, Polarized Offshore Blue, Smoke. Light filtration category varies.
Bundle  1 x pair Bollé Anaconada sunglasses, soft (but tough) case, good quality microfibre cloth
Uses  Our Category 3 lenses: Strong luminosity for outdoors, sports and driving
Price  £89.00

Test time…

Bolle Anaconda sunglasses fishing in florida

Bollé sent us the sunglasses just in time, as we were about to go on a trip to Florida and Tennessee, passing through a few other states on a couple of long road trips too. This was to be perfect proving ground for the Anaconda’s.

At Florida, there were long spells fishing stood in the sea, where the sun glared down constantly for the entire time, and the face-hugging shape of the glasses was excellent for keeping the sun from coming in either above or in the sides. Another point to note is the mighty grip of Thermogrip pads. Even when swimming or sweating in the heat, the Anacona’s didn’t slip off once in an entire week of activity. On the same line, they gripped nicely without being too tight or uncomfortable, the extremely light weight helping with the comfort.

With the sun blazing mercilessly, the Bollé’s Polarised ‘Category 3’ lenses – which are designed for strong sun luminosity – did an excellent job of keeping details sharp and clear without being too dark (good for keeping a wary eye out for pointed fins and large, black, fast-travelling shapes in the water near you). A note about the toughness of the Bollé Anaconda’s; (taken from their website) ‘the polycarbonate lenses from premium-grade resin have 20 times more impact-resistant than glass and three times lighter’. The sea water would often leave behind baked-on salt on the lenses, and sand would stick to them too, but simply giving them a quick rinse and a wipe over with the provided microfibre cloth meant no marks or scuffs. Cool.

Back on the road, and an 11-hour daytime drive meant more bright sun. The grade 3 lenses were absolutely fine for driving, and again were not too dark. Keeping them on most of the time for this was another good test of their comfort. We say if you forget you’re wearing them, they must be good, and the Bollé Anaconda’s certainly are!

Bolle Anaconda sunglasses Tennessee usa woods

Into Tennessee, and into thick forest. Again, we were fortunate enough for the weather to be hot and sunny. Another good trail for these Bollé’s was our hunting trip. When the sun shone, they went on, and for shooting they were first-class not only because the high-quality polarised lenses gave exceptional clarity, but also because there was absolutely zero distortion of vision – a problem that is found on a lot of curved or sports sunglasses.

Any negatives? As the Anaconda’s sit close to the face, throughout the days walking in the woods, sweat and dirt would run onto the lenses meaning they had to be cleaned every couple of hours. Apart from that, it was all good.

Our verdict

Design & Quality 8.5
Overall Experience 8.5
Price  9
Overall Score 8.5


The Bollé Anaconda’s impressed us highly, with over 2 weeks of heavy use in a variety of different environments. At just £89.00, they are priced very competitively. Take into consideration how well made and tough these are, alongside the clarity and quality of the lenses, and we’d say they are surprising cheap! If you’re searching for sunglasses that are mid-priced, strong, high quality, and stylish, then the Bollé Anaconda’s should definitely be on your list.

Words: Chris Davies/Nath Fielder | Tested by: Nath Fielder | Photography: Chris Davies, Matthew Davies

Thanks to Bushnell Optics UK for sending the Bollé Anaconda sunglasses

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