Cool Stuff: MotorMouse Reviewed

Cool designs, superb build quality, accurate/precise movement, well priced

Gaps between buttons gets dusty easily, somewhat fiddly to clean

Front view of the Mini Cooper Motormouse and Classic sports car motormouse showing the details and scroll wheel.

Here at Car Products Tested, we love smart car-related gear and the MotorMouse is definitely that! With a variety of different body shapes available, these are well-made, chic and should be the choice for any computer-using car-enthusiast.

The MotorMouse has been around for a couple of years now after the company clinched a deal with entrepreneur James Caan on the U.K. version of Dragons’ Den, where we first saw them.

Design and build-quality

Scroll wheel on the Motormouse wireless mouse

The MotorMouse could grace any desk and still look fabulous and classy, although we feel the original ‘Classic Sports Car’ version – which is clearly a Porsche 911 – and the classic Mini Cooper shape would go down better on an exec’s desk than the modern-day Mini shape – it just can’t compete in terms of class, both in real life and on a mouse mat.

Mini Cooper Motormouse and Classic sports car motormouse battery compartment and USB receiver storage.

The Porsche-shaped design is more comfortable in the hand than the classic Mini, and we love the swooping lines of it, but the Mini’s ultra-cool looks and attention to detail are definitely a talking point – most people thought ours was a model car!

Whether you buy the original MotorMouse, or the newer versions, they have superb build-quality, and the materials are clearly not cheap or poor. The buttons have a positive and reassuring ‘click’ to them and the rubber scroll wheel (which can be clicked too) is superb. The tyres are made of real rubber which is definitely a nice touch, and adds to the look and feel of the overall quality.

Car shaped wireless mouse

We put the usability to our expert photo editor (one of his many skills, which also includes making a brill cup of herbal tea) – where precise movement is definitely the order of the day. He enjoyed the slick and accurate way the MotorMouse operated, and it worked well for most of his editing, but for really fine work would stick to his Apple mouse.

A very sweet little aspect of the original wireless MotorMouse is the ability to change the sensitivity of it by clicking the two main button together for a few seconds until the lights flash. There are three DPI settings; 400, 800 and 1600. Apparently on the newer versions of the mouse you have to go through your computers settings to do this – but we prefer the old way of doing it.


A cool computer mouse for car enthusiasts.

The MotorMouse is wireless – although a wired version is available – and the batteries and USB receiver slide into the unit through the boot/trunk area. A point we were split one was that its lack of Bluetooth was a negative. One of us thought the USB receiver was fine and not a problem, while the other prefers a Bluetooth connection.

On the USB note, we used two Motor mice next to each other with different computers and the signal for either wasn’t interfered with.

The MotorMouse comes with its own soft material carry pouch, and a decent mat which has non-slip rubber underneath. MotorMouse also sell a sticker set so you can now customise the Mini – a good idea. A nice touch is that if left alone, the mouse goes into sleep mode, saving your batteries.

Any negatives?

Our main dislike of the cars were of the ‘shut lines’ – the gaps on the bonnet where the buttons and scroll wheel are situated. These will quickly get dirty and dusty, and getting into the gaps will be a little difficult. Apart from that, it’s all good.


 Rear view of the Classic Mini Motormouse

An über-cool and high quality piece of gadgetry that most people will absolutely love – car-nut or not! Well worth the money – go and treat yourself or someone else today.

Need-To-Know Info:

Models Available Classic Sports Car, Classic Mini, Modern Mini, Aston Martin DB9 and London Taxi
Colours (dependant on model) Red/White/Silver/Black/Pink/Blue
Operating System needed Windows XP/Vista, Mac 10.2, Linux or above
In the Box Gift pack comes Motormouse, batteries, a soft carrying pouch and a portable super-glide mouse mat
Size 114 x 55 x 36mm
Title Data
Website Motormouse wireless car shaped mouse
Shop Shop or link to buy here
Price Wireless: £30 – £33

Words: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies, Matthew Davies

Thanks to the guys at Motor-Mouse for providing the Mini Cooper MotorMouse

Classic sports car and classic mini motormouse wireless mice

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  1. Ryan Smith

    I’ve been looking around for something like this for a while now and although there are many around, none seem to have the same quality and appeal as these.

    As a Brit I love the idea of having a classic mini sitting on my desk, can’t say much for the Porsche though, although my Dad might like one.

    The mini scroll wheel looks a lot smaller than that chunky thing sitting on the Porsche and I think that’s a great thing. Does it feel any different using the Porsche compared to the Mini in terms of scroll wheel size I wonder?

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