Road Inc app reviewed – Utopia for Gear-Heads?

Stunning cars, mass of information with soundbites and video

Interior views would be nice

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For any car enthusiast, there’s nothing like reading a big, heavy, coffee-table car book packed with great photography, and we all have our fair share. Road Inc though, takes things to a whole new level.

Road Inc has got to be the best car app available to date. It gives all of us true gear heads chance to revel in some of the most sublimely beautiful, exquisite and rare automotive art ever made. Also, there’s a Willy’s Jeep. Cool.

Road Inc app review. Image some of the cars available

Right from opening the app, there’s a sense that a lot of time, effort and love has been dedicated to it. The 360° presentation of the cars, which are modelled in 3D and not simply photographs – and each of which importantly comes with its own perfectly-themed music – are guaranteed to give you goosebumps.

The Showcase section allows you to spin the car around in either direction at your own speed; soft light runs and dances over chrome and glass, and accentuating any sumptuous curve or angle  – making the three dimensional depth almost breathtaking. Even more impressive is the fact there are other cars reflected in the surfaces, giving the impression you are in a garage. Flick up the page and a full-screen badge of the vehicle appears. Amazingly, tilting the iPad makes light and shadows move over the badge. This is only the start of further greatness.

Road inc ipad app reviewed. Picture shows 4 images of various cars

Tapping ‘Profile’ gives you four different angles of the car. Then, onto Essay which provides an intensely in-depth – but interesting – history of the chosen car from year to year, model to model.

The Archives category is simply mind-blowing and contains a wealth of information. For the majority of the cars’ Archives section, there’s a picture of the a speaker which you tap to get a sound-bite of the car. These differ, as some have the car firing up and idling, some accelerating hard from the off, and others blasting around a track or road.

Road Inc ipad app review. Picture shows 4 images of different parts of the app

Whatever though, it’s a beautiful thing to include and being able to flick through photographs of the car’s interior and exterior while listening to the engine noises brings back those goosebumps. One outstanding sound-bite is courtesy of a ’74 Lamborghini Countach’s 4 litre V12. Starting low, the accelerator is blipped, at first giving an angry growl before the rev’s are pushed further up, turning the growl into an F1-like howl so loud you’ll find yourself turning the sound down.

Other notable sounds include a 1980 BMW M1 with its 3.5 in-line 6-cylinder engine being worked into a frenzy – its furious bellowing sounding deep and mechanical. A ’68 Mustang Fastback refreshes the ever-brilliant Bullitt chase in your mind, chugging V8 turning into the roar we know and love. A 1937 Duesenberg SJ Dual Cowl Phaeton’s supercharged 6.9 litre in-line 8 gives a strange smoothness much like an electric car.

Road Inc app review. Image shows a beautiful Ford GT40 in Gulf livery

The cars are varied and never dull, and swiping your way through the Archives shows a vast collection of in-depth technical data, old films showing the car in action or how it’s built, photographs, magazine tests, advertisements and one of our most-liked features; the original sales brochures – try getting hold of a Bugatti Veyron car manual for the price of this app!

The Archives are wonderfully laid-out, and are a pleasure to use. For instance; the photographs are laid on top of one another, like they’ve been chucked on a table. But touch the top image and they will instantly and smoothly drop into order horizontally, with any movie playing as a small size until it’s touched and goes full-screen.

Road Inc iPad app review. Picture showing 4 images of various cars including a Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Chevrolet and a Ford Mustang

Mentioning the brochures again, these are absolutely great. Touch the front to open it, and swipe either way to turn the pages. A couple worth mentioning are the original sales booklets for the Ford Mustang and Pontiac GTO. It’s so cool to be able to see just how much things have changed – the old brochures had pages and pages of photographs or drawn images of each extra available or the features the car has, from wheel trims, to tyres, exhausts and engines.

The selection of cars to chose from is not massive at around (currently) 56, but the app is updated with new cars regularly and the diversity of them is staggering. There are cars we all know or have heard of, such as the Citroën 2 CV, Mercedes-Benz 300 SL, and Ferrari 275 GTB4. Then there are the far more exquisite and inimitable types, like the stunningly handsome Peugeot 402 Darl’Mat, Delage D8 120 S and Mercedes-Benz 540 K. As mentioned, they are are all engrossing, and there’s not one bland model amongst them.

Road Inc app for iPad review. Picture shows 4 images from the app including an original brochure

Overall 9.5/10

Road Inc certainly is the car book’s successor in terms of being able to have so much more information about each vehicle, quite literally, at your fingertips. Brilliantly executed with massively exciting and cavernous content, Road Inc will excite and intrigue by driving you into the best garage you’ve ever visited.



Devices iPad only. iPhone soon
Features 50 3D interactive cars
150 engine noise samples,
500 studio photographs taken by the world’s best photographers
200 original advertisements brochures
75 video extracts (films, interviews, documentaries, etc.)
Price £4.99/$6.99

Words: Chris Davies | Photography: Screenshots from the iPad Road inc app. Editing by Matthew Davies

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