Serengeti Bormio Polarized Sports Sunglasses review

Serengeti Bormio sunglasses review

Serengeti Bormio sunglasses?

The Bormio sunglasses are part of the Serengeti Sport collection (made up of 11 different pairs), and come from a company developing and making some of the best sunglasses with most technologial advanced lens technology in the world, since 1983.

Design, build, quality & real-life test

Frames & design

Available with five different frame colours and five lens-types, I like that the Serengeti Bormio sunglasses have a sporty-yet-stylish appearance, tough enough to be bounced around in whatever activity you’re doing, while still cool enough to wear day-to-day.

Serengeti Bormio sunglasses review

Immediately obvious is the high quality nylon frame of the Bormio. While robust, they’re still pleasant against the skin even after prolonged wearing. The bridge section of sunglasses is often a sore point with me, but these fitted so well that I was barely aware of the nose pads at all.

The arms have a rubber grip section each side but yet again they were just right with enough to keep them in place without being obtrusive, or sticking out so far as to leave marks behind. The Bormio’s hinges are solid and clearly well made, having a tight enough open/close action that feel just right – they wont fling open while tucked into a shirt, and yet slack enough to open and close with zero effort.

Serengeti Bormio sunglasses tested

Shape & practicality

I hate it when light glints past the frame of your sunglasses and into your eye, something particularly annoying when driving and the sun sits low and to the side of your vehicle, and obviously for those using the Bormio sunglasses for sports it’s the same when you’re out doing your activity.

Thanks to a semi wrap-around design, the Serengeti Bormio do a superb job of blocking unwanted light from the sides without looking like full on sports shades, which can quite frankly, be ugly and uncool. Thankfully there’s a good balance between form and function with the Bormio glasses.

Serengeti Bormio sunglasses reviewed


The Bormio had Trivex lenses that are photochromic, have Spectral Control and are polarized. If you’d like to read an in-depth explanation as to what each of these does, please visit this official Serengeti Eyewear page.

The 555nm Blue is a mirrored lens ‘Named after the part of the spectrum that the eye sees the most easily… ideal for bright conditions.The lens manages yellow and green light to relax the eyes [while the] reflective blue coating… blocks more light, adding to the lenses’ eye-protecting capabilities.’

Serengeti Bormio sports sunglasses in case

The lenses on these sports-type sunglasses aren’t glass, but Trivex, which is 75% lighter than glass & 10% lighter than polycarbonate. Trivex was adapted from fighter jet canopies and helicopter windshields designed to withstand extreme impact and temperature changes. Cool stuff eh!

Trivex lenses still offer incredible clarity while being impact resistant and very lightweight – exactly what you want when using them for sports. I found these lenses to be so clear that other than a slight shift in colours, it’s as if you aren’t wearing any sunglasses. There’s no reduction in clarity and vision is improved by the polarised lenses. The colours pop right out, and I noticed that things like the lines on roads become much more clear when the sunlight bounces off the tarmac in wet conditions.

Serengeti Bormio sports sunglasses review

In overcast weather and light rain, the Polarized 555nm Blue lenses take the glare right out of your car’s dashboard and instruments, helping you to see controls easier when the light outside is intense. I like the look of the blue lens too, as it has a reflective coating on – something which is currently ‘on trend’.

Polarising can produce problems when looking at certain car info screens – particularly older LCD displays as it can black them out in parts – and I’ve also found that with a lot of modern HUDs (head-up displays) the graphics can almost disappear, although it does depend on the system.

Serengeti Bormio sports sunglasses review

With the lenses and frames fitting so closely too the face I occasionally got fogging problems when first putting them on, but it cleared very quickly so wasn’t much of a problem.


Occasionally you do come across products with high price tag put there simply because of the brand name, and the quality is clearly lacking. Not so with Serengeti sunglasses, as although yes, you do pay perhaps a higher price than an average pair of sunglasses, the products they sell are of the highest quality. Having test three pairs of their range, I can safely state this.

The Serengeti Bormio cost £149.00 and I believe they are worth every penny of that price. For the quality level, I certainly wouldn’t expect to pay any less either.

Serengeti Bormio sports sunglasses with case and cleaning cloth

Serengeti Bormio verdict & score

You can tell much thought has gone into every element of these sunglasses, and it shows in everything from the tension in the hinges to the superb wearability and lens quality.These aren’t blingy fashion pieces, but high-performance rugged and well built glasses which will last and last – which is how things should be built. I love them, and a bonus is that they’re also available in perscription if needed.

Design  9
Build quality  10
Comfort  9.5
Lens quality  10
Price  9
Overall Score  9.5 / 10 


Model (as tested)  Serengeti Bormio with Satin Black Frame
Lenses (as tested)   Polar PhD (polarized) 555nm Blue (with mirrored finish)
Fit & Sizes  Fit: Medium universal | Lens size: 62 x 37 x 65 mm, dbl 16 mm| Temple length: 125mm
Technology  Lenses (see links for more details): Trivex, Photochromic, Spectral Control, Polarization, scratch resistant
Frame features  Grilamid TR90, Megol Temple Tips and Nose Pads
Price  (correct Oct. 2016) £149.00 rrp
Warranty  2 years, repair or replace
Website  Serengeti-Eyewear Europe, Serengeti-Eyewear worldwide (choose region)

Words: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies

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