5 Great Car Waxes that work well and don’t cost a fortune

A good car wax can make a huge difference to your vehicle. It can make your vehicle’s paintwork look stunning and it’s surprising how many admiring glances you’ll get when your car is sparkling. Using a good wax will also make you money in the long term as it will protect your bodywork for months with a single application, while cheaper waxes fade in a week or so.

The best waxes will also help ‘fill’ any minor scratches in your paintwork and make them nearly invisible – how good is that! A good wax will also be easy to apply in a wide range of weather conditions without drying out and becoming sticky in hot weather or too thick in cold conditions. Finally, a really well formulated wax will go a long way, so while it might seem a bit expensive up front they’ll last a long time.

So. What’s the best waxes? We’ve tested all the waxes below for years and in all weather conditions so we can recommend them without any reservation. We know that many of you might be a bit short of cash at the moment so there’s some budget ones included that will still do the job really well. Check out our full review of each wax if you want to know more. Any questions? Just drop us a comment below or message us on our facebook page and we’ll get right back to you.

Go get that car shiny.

5. Valet Pro Banana Wax 500ml – £9.60

Valet PRO banana car wax test and review

This liquid wax is thick, creamy, and smells of banana milkshake. Don’t eat it though! It’s easy to apply and remove, leaves a lovely deep shine alongside some serious beading qualities thanks to grade #1 Carnauba being in the mix, has a good longevity at 6 – 8 weeks, and is priced so cheaply you’d be daft not to buy some. We like it, and you will too. Read our review.

4. Valentine & Co Road ‘n Track Wax 250ml – £49.95

Valentine's Road and Track Carnauba Car Wax Test Review

A beautifully-crafted wax with fine ingredients, which smells of honey and coconut oil. We found the Road ‘n Track Wax beat its brother ‘Concours Carnauba’, by being just as good at a far cheaper price. Put the time into preparing your paintwork and the Road n’ Track will reward you with a rich depth and a crystal-like shine.

We were astounded by its 4 – 5 month longevity, and it out-paces and out-shines wax worth literally hundreds of pounds more. Read our review.

3.Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax 250ml – £99.95 (re-fil £63.95)
Car Wax

Supernatural Wax is so named because of the way it was stripped of all colours and fragrances, so they could cram in more pure Carnauba. It’s a pleasure to apply (by hand or sponge) and the vivid shine, beading and sheeting qualities are astounding.

Although the near-one hundred pound price tag seems high, be assured – the Dodo Juice guys certainly know how to produce a quality product, and they’re priced fairly. Oh, it also comes in a stunning hand-crafted pot made of Iroku hardwood. Cool. Read Dodo Juice Supernatural Review.

If you think it’s for you why not Buy Dodo Juice Supernatural Now?

2. Ioncoat Naviwax Dark/Light Wax 250ml – £34.99

naviwax car wax

When were first sent a tub of this Japanese wax years ago, we weren’t expecting much. The little info we could find about it was from forums rampant with tales of it being bad quality and generally crap. We make our own judgements here at CarProductsTested though, and we found it’s stunning! It can be applied on damp or dry surfaces, and is literally applied and removed instantly on paintwork, plastic trim and glass.

Beading and sheeting qualities are almost beyond comparison for a zero cure-time wax, and the depth of shine is DEEP. At only £35, and eight-week-plus longevity, it’s an absolute must. Read our review.

1. Ioncoat Naviwax Ultimate Wax 280g – £55.00

At number one and by far our favourite wax: Ultimate is Naviwax Light & Dark’s big brother. Okay, it doesn’t exactly have a heavenly scent as some waxes do, but it gives stunning results on all levels. From its 3+ months longevity to the amazing sheeting and beading qualities and the intensely deep and glossy finish it leaves on paintwork of all types, it’s simply brilliant. 

Naviwax Ultimate even fills and masks light swirls and scratches for a while after you’ve applied it, so will make your ride’s bodywork look mega-slick. Superb value for money.

Read our Naviwax Ultimate Review.

tub of Naviwax ultimate car wax

Words: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies, Matthew Davies

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  1. Scott Ellis

    Good post – a good wax can make all the difference in a car’s appearance!

  2. Harry

    Good review. I now know which wax I will be buying.
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