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What we do

With the internet awash with review websites, why read ours? Simply put, we give you car and motoring-related product reviews that are readable, engaging, real-to-life, and as in-depth as they come. If you want those things, you’ve come to the right place.

Over the 5 years CarProductsTested.com has been online, we’ve gone from reviewing valeting and detailing products to motoring equipment, and then to testing cars, which was always the ultimate goal.

Some facts about CarProductsTested:

  • At the 2014 Annual Guild of Motoring Writers Awards, we won the Newspress Award for Best Use of Social Media!
  • Readers from over 130 countries per month visit us
  • We currently have over 25 manufacturers sending us cars to test
  • We review all types of vehicles, from 4x4s to superminis, crossovers to pick-ups, and luxury motors to sports and supercars
  • We’re based in East Yorkshire, UK, which gives us easy access to a huge variety of roads and terrain – perfect for car tests

Some objectives we always strive to keep to:

  • Provide completely unbiased reviews
  • Test whatever we’ve been sent throughly before reviewing it
  • Make the reviews useful, engaging, readable, and above all informative
  • Absolutely avoid putting out the ‘re-hashed press release’ style overviews we so loathe
  • Use our own high-quality photography instead of using manufacturers’ images

You, the reader, apparently love engaging with us, and we regularly have interesting comments from you on the gear and cars we test, from both owners or those who want more information on them, and we’re happy to help out and reply! It’s what makes us, well… us.

How CarProductsTested is supported

To keep doing what we do, and provide the world with great reviews, we rely on a few crucial areas of income:

  • Regular sponsors; these are at the side of page (the small ads)
  • In-article advertising, with both manufacturer/supplier and Google ads
  • Offering sponsored posts about a company or product
  • Content writing for other blogs and manufacturers
  • Selling through our CarProductsTested online store

If you want to support us, advertise your product or company in any of the ways above, or even hire us to write for you – as others have – please either get in contact or buy from our shop, where we sell only products that we’ve tested or would want to buy ourselves.

Meet the CarProductsTested Team

About carproductstested photos-Chris DaviesChris Davies is the content writer, editor, one of the photographers, and coffee-maker for CPT. Oh, and a Full Member of the Guild of Motoring Writers (GoMW), as well as writing freelance too. At the 2014 Annual Guild of Motoring Writers Awards, he won the Newspress Award for Best Use of Social Media.

In his spare time, Chris can be found looking at cars on AutoTrader that he can’t afford to buy, waxing his car, watching random videos featuring Mercedes-Benz Unimogs, and drinking large cups of coffee.

With a real passion for cars and writing – and never able to really settle down in any other job – in the early years, Chris volunteered his holiday time to work at a regional newspaper simply for the experience, did a short university course on journalism, and then wrote freelance for the newspaper’s motoring supplement for a while, gaining valuable knowledge and skills in that time.

Following his being made redundant from his day job at the height of the recession, and with limited options at that point, the idea of setting up a motoring news website occurred. After running that for a while, Lee Klancher – a writer and editor – approached him, wanting to use two of his articles and the photography in them, based on write-ups of the Porsche and Mercedes-Benz museums in Stuttgart, Germany. These were included in the hardback book ‘Dream Garages International’, which was published in 2011.

Spurred on by this motivation, and with the original website not flourishing as much as he wanted, a new one was started – CarProductsTested.com. Out with the old, in with the new – no looking back! With this new site sprang fresh ideas, a renewed enthusiasm, and one goal: to review cars on a full-time basis.

Chris started out testing and reviewing car detailing products, before adding motoring-related gadgets to that, and in 2012 was able to achieve the goal he’d set out to accomplish: test and review cars. From that point, it’s been onwards and upwards for both Chris and CarProductsTested and, with cars sent on weekly basis for testing, it’s a non-stop process as things continue to push forwards rapidly…

About carproductstested photos Matthew DaviesMatthew Davies is the co-founder of CarProductsTested and deals with photography, photo editing, gear testing and runs the important behind-the-scenes side of CarProductsTested’s business and website. He also, bizarrely, likes reading the instruction books that come with the cars and products. Outside of CarProductsTested, Matthew can be found hacking together photography equipment whilst listening to music from every corner of the globe and reads a tremendous range of random subjects.

Matthew has worked together with Chris from the very beginning of the website, always pushing to get CarProductsTested up to the next level, overseeing site updates, and continuously striving to keep things fresh and interesting visually.

Ideas are Matt’s forte, and he’s always ready with an idea of what to test next, and an ever-constant source of suggestions for new material and articles. Being the in-house geek, Matthew enjoys the technical side of things, whether that be about how a hybrid system works, what new technology is on the horizon for vehicles, or simply testing something like an in-car espresso maker.

About carproductstested photos-Jason FanthorpeJason Fanthorpe is a contributing photographer to CarProductsTested. His huge enthusiasm for photography sees him finding excellent new locations to use, playing with lighting and night shoots, and using his purpose built carbon-fibre rig-shot equipment.

When not working, Jason likes to mess about with cameras, modern and old, and buy Russian lenses on eBay for next to nothing. He’s also a motorcycle fan, and is currently converting a dirt bike into something resembling a retro café racer.


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