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All-shine Wash and Polish waterless washAllshine Waterless Concours Wash and Wax waterless washAll-Shine

Waterless Wash Test: All-Shine Waterless Wash n’ Polish 500 ml – £7.99 / 1 litre – £11.75

All-Shine Waterless Concours Wash n’ Wax – £7.99 / 1 litre – £11.75

A pump-action spray. The ingredients in both of these products are all natural and completely eco-friendly and bio-degradable, but while this is all good, do they still do a decent job? Yes, actually they do. Both products performed very well and exceeded our expectations. As far as we’re concerned they’ve set a new benchmark in waterless washes. For a start they smell amazing and in fact we had a hard time stopping each other from drinking the Wash n’ Polish, it smells that nicely of Oranges!

The All-Shine products were really easy to use and we’d recommend cleaning an area of around 40 cm x 40 cm (15 inches x 15 inches) at a time. Don’t let them dry out on the bodywork as they can leave very slight streaks. If you do find that streak marks are left behind, we found that the best way to combat this is (once you have already cleaned and wiped away any excess) to simply spray on a fine mist of the product and wipe it away quickly. This usually does the trick. Their cleaning ability and the shine they gave the paint was astounding though and post-use beading is pretty good too.

Remember that with waterless washes be gentle when taking the product off (in straight lines, never use circular motions), always use a good quality microfibre cloth, and turn it over regularly to avoid damaging your paintwork.

The Concours Wash n’ Wax (which contains Carnauba and Montan wax) gave a deep and lustrous finish whereas the Wash n’ Polish gave off more of a high shine. They both work well on plastic trim and glass too. All this, coupled to a very fair price means we have a hard time faulting them. On slightly heavier deposits, we found that the the Wax n’ Polish gave a better cleaning ability, but if there’s only a light dusting on your car, then the Wash n’ Wax is more suitable.

10/10 for both products. Awesome shine, easy to use and totally eco-friendly.

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