Aqua Gleam Water De-Ioniser Review: No more water streaks or water marks

Water De-Ioniser Test: Aqua Gleam Water De-Ioniser £54.95 – £59.95

Aqua gleam water de-ioniser

If you’re someone that likes to clean their car, then this scenario is an all too common one. It’s a baking hot summers day, and you’ve decided to give your pride and joy a wash. So you wash it and rinse it off, but before you’ve got chance to dry it off with a chamois or microfibre cloth, the water has already started to evaporate. This is not a good thing though. The minerals left behind after the water has evaporated cause streaks and water marks on your paintwork, and believe us, these can be extremely difficult to remove.

So when Jez Gilman, of got in touch about his Aqua Gleam water de-ioniser, we jumped at the chance to test it. The Aqua Gleam is a very simple and easy to use system which is used with a hose pipe. It effectively filters the water, ‘de-ionising’ it and removing the minerals to produce virtually pure water, meaning no more streaks or water marks on your car after you’ve used it.

Too good to be true? We put it through its paces to see just how well it worked.

We chose one of the hottest days that the U.K has seen in a long time, with the temperature hitting 27˚C, the bodywork of the test car must have been well over 35˚C by the time of the mid-afternoon test. After rinsing down the car first and then giving it a good wash, we rinsed it off with normal unfiltered water using a hose pipe and spray gun.

After just 2 – 3 minutes being sat in the sun, the water had evaporated and left behind some seriously ugly water marks. We are in a ‘hard water’ area of the U.K, so the water is packed full of those water marking minerals. To remove these though, it wasn’t just a case of re-washing the vehicle. Nope, these were well and truly stuck in the paintwork. We had to use a slightly abrasive car polish, otherwise they would not have shifted.

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So okay, you may say that you’d dry it off rather than just letting the water sit there. Yes, we tried that too, and all that happened was the water evaporated even faster as it was thinned out by the drying cloth, causing much the same problem.

Onto the next test, this time with the Aqua Gleam (which looks very cool by the way). We used the two fitments and small piece of ‘go-between’ hose to attach it to the tap. To remove all traces of normal water from the hose pipe, and to let the water have chance to filter, we ran it through for 60 seconds or so.

Aqua Gleam test and review

The Aqua Gleam de-ioniser

Same test as before. Wash vehicle again, rinse it off and leave it to dry. This time however, once the water had disappeared after a minute or two, there was not one trace or mark left anywhere on the car. We were astounded by the result, but just to check, we re-ran the test again. Twice. The place we really noticed a massive difference was on the car’s windscreen. Usually, even after you’ve dried out the glass on a car, there is still some sort of streaking or water marks on it, but the de-ionised water completely disappeared, leaving a crystal clear finish.

Aqua Gleam test and review

Sitting water after using the Aqua Gleam filter

Aqua Gleam test and review

The result after the de-ionised water had evaporated – zero water marks or runs

Aqua Gleam test and review

Even wiping ‘normal’ water off glass normally results in streaking, but this is after using the Aqua Gleam

Aqua Gleam test and review

A quick wipe down and the de-ionised water completely disappears with no traces at all

Aqua Gleam test and review

Another quick wipe on a panel – normally this would dry leaving streaks behind

Aqua Gleam test and review

However, as we used the Aqua Gleam filter, there was no water marks at all

It’s not just summer where water streaking is a problem either though. After a good wash in winter, you can still guarantee that after the car has dried out, there will be water runs from various bits of exterior trim. Again, the Aqua Gleam works the same to eliminate these.

Aqua Gleam test and review

The boot after it had completely dried out – this car has not been waxed afterwards – there’s just a complete lack of any water marks or streaks

So, what’s the damage to your wallet? Well, the 12 inch Aqua Gleam unit we were sent costs between £54.95 and £59.99 depending on resellers. Before you go shouting ‘it’s too expensive!’, and clicking away from this page, consider this. The minimum amount of washes you will get from this sized filter in a hard water area is 20. Break that down, and it’s costing you just £2.75 per wash. That’s still a lot cheaper, and better for your car’s paintwork, than an automatic car wash or paid for hand wash, and you get far better results too.

In a soft water area, you could get up to 70 washes or more out of a filter, costing you the ridiculously small amount of 78 pence per wash.

Larger filters are available, which cost more but are even more economical overall.

So, the verdict. It’s an excellent piece of kit which will astound you. Very much a well-deserved 10/10! Whether it’s summer or winter, you will notice a huge difference after washing your car. Just think how much time the Aqua Gleam will save you in drying time alone. It makes perfect sense. Now, we’re off to wash our cars again.

The Aqua Gleam is available from and Monza Car Care

Click here for a U.K water hardness map

Words: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies, Matthew Davies

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