Armor All Glass Wipes

Armor All Glass Wipes test and review

Armor All Glass Wipes 15 wipes – £2.99 / 25 wipes – £3.99 / U.S 15 wipes – $4.99

These worked pretty well. They had plenty of moisture in them and a full front windscreen could easily be cleaned with one of the wipes. They claim to leave a streak-free finish, however they did leave a few streaks but these were easily buffed out with a soft cloth.

The wipes did leave a bit of lint behind when cleaning the glass, but this will blow off once the moisture has dried out. We like that fact that the packet is a handy size for your glove box. A drawback is that some of the competition is cheaper.

7/10 Worked quite well but left some slight streaking and some lint behind. Price not as good as the competition.

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