Armor All Tire Foam

Armor All Tire Foam test and review

Armor All Tire Foam 500 ml – £4.99 / 16oz – $5.99

A nice and easy product to use. Simply spray it on (it comes out as a foam), leave it for around 10 or 15 minutes to dry and hey presto – one cleaned and shiny tyre wall. We liked the fact that there’s no mess at all with this. Sure, it does overspray onto the wheel, but it simply evaporates or dries up, leaving no mess at all. It dries fine but we noticed there was quite a bit of streaking on the tyre walls, but this was gone by the next morning.

The Armor All Tire Foam didn’t flick off the tyres onto the bodywork either as it dries quickly and to a non-sticky finish. You do need to clean off the tyres any excess mud etc first before applying it , but it does clean off stains and marks pretty well. The finish it left was more of a silky look rather than pure shine, but it still looked great. Price is good as not a lot is needed.

8/10 Worked well. It’s easy to use in cleaning and shining the tyres, but left a slightly streaky finish for the first 24 hours.

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