Armor All Wash & Wax

ArmorAll wash and wax

Armor All Wash & Wax 1 litre – £3.28 / $6.49

We were hugely impressed by this product from Armor All. As it was so cheap, we expected to get a cheap product. However, it cleaned the car excellently and left a great shine too. It has Carnauba wax in it, which explains the shine it gave. Just 30 ml (3 caps) is needed per bucket of water, so the price works out really cheap. Don’t expect a lot of foaming, as that’s not how this product works plus a shampoo that foams a lot doesn’t necessarily mean it’s cleaning well either. As per instructions you need to wash a section of the car (say, the roof or bonnet) at a time, then rinse the Wash & Wax off. It really gets right through the dirt on the car, and when cleaning, the wash mitt simply glided across the bodywork. It lefty virtually no streaking on the paintwork or glass, and after wiping the car dry with a microfibre cloth, the results were excellent. It’s a good base to use before waxing your car too.

9/10 Great price, and left a brilliant shine and finish to the car’s paintwork.

Buy Armor All Ultra Shine Wash & Wax from Amazon (USA)
Buy Armor All Wash & Wax from Amazon (UK)

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