Autoglym Clean Wheels

Good at removing stubborn brake dust and ingrained dirt

Quite a strong acidic cleaner so care must be used. Suitable only  for certain types of wheel

Autoglym wheel cleaner bottle

Wheel Cleaner Test: Autoglym Clean Wheels – 500 ml  £5.99 / $9.99

Using this on extremely dirty alloys that were coated in a thick layer of brake dust and grime, it worked well, cleaning the wheels very deeply. Cleaning alloy wheels is a particularly important part of car care and this is, however, an acidic wheel cleaner, and so can only be used on lacquered alloy, painted or plastic finishes, so it’s no good for highly polished alloy, chrome, stainless steel or split rims.

Using it again, we found that it also cleaned off tyre dressing in the areas that it had ran onto the tyres surface and it also got rid of the Rimwax that had been previously applied too. Not so good on those points then. As an occasional user it is good, as it will remove stubborn brake dust and ingrained dirt, but we wouldn’t use it on a regular wash basis purely because it also removes any tyre dressing or wheel wax you happen to have already applied.

6/10 Works well, but is recommended more for occasional use and is limited to certain wheel types.

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