BIG WIPES Automotive Glass Wipes

BIG WIPES Automotive Glass Wipes test and review

Glass Cleaner Test: BIG WIPES Automotive Glass Wipes / 40 wipes – £4.99

These performed well. They promise a ‘smear-free finish’, but they pass the ‘One Wipe Over’ test? Yes and no. If the weather is ridiculously hot, so the glass is peeling your skin off, they don’t pass. The wipes dried out too quickly, so at least two or three were needed to do the front windscreen inside. But, the fact is that almost all window cleaners will fail the heat test as they evaporate too quickly to do a decent job. So they’re all in the same boat.

When the weather is cooler, the Automotive Glass Wipes do an excellent job, and one wipe cleaned an entire windscreen inside with ease and, most importantly, left it streak-free. We felt the wipes could do with being slightly larger in order to cover a bigger area more quickly.

8/10 Good price, worked well and passed all-important ‘One Wipe Over’ test.

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