BIG WIPES Automotive Wipes

Big wipes exterior wipes
BIG WIPES Automotive Exterior Wipes £4.49 – 40 wipes

These promise to effectively remove (from bodywork) tar, bugs and bird mess and to bring back external trim to its original colour. So how did they do? We were impressed with the results. Caked on bird dirt was no problem, as the wipes seem to break the dirt down until it’s completely gone, and no effort or hard rubbing is needed, which is a good thing as hard rubbing could easily scratch a cars paintwork. The more sticky stuff, as in tar and bugs, were easily removed too. We also used them on faded bits of trim and they seemed to work okay, but not amazingly. We’d recommend using a microfibre cloth on whatever surface the Exterior Wipes were used on after you’ve finished with them, as they leave a slightly streaky finish. The wipes also go a long way as they have plenty of moisture in them.

8/10 Quickly and easily removed bird dirt, tar and bugs, in fact, they’re one of the best ways to do it that we’ve come across. They’re also excellent as a pre-clean to washing your car.


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