Black Diamond The Works Exterior Car Care Kit review

Car Care Kits Review: Black Diamond The Works Exterior Car Care Kit – £25.99 (Cheapest Price)

Black Diamond The Works Exterior Car Care Kit
At last, the perfect weather to review the kit Black Diamond Car Care sent us. After what seemed like weeks of dull, overcast or rainy days, we finally get a break in the weather. Time to break out The Works Exterior Car Care Kit and get one filthy car gleaming again.

First off, the price. Normally around £38, we think it’s a brilliant deal for the amount of products you are getting. Each bottle size is 500ml, and in the kit you get: Wax Wash, High Wax, Glass Shine, Alloy Shine wheel cleaner, Tyre & Trims, 3 x Polish Applicator Pads, a Jumbo Sponge, 3 x Microfibre Cloths, a Loop Wheel Brush, and an Eco-Chamois for drying the car.

Black Diamond Alloy Shine

The products in general didn’t really have any scent to them, apart from the Alloy Shine wheel cleaner which had a powerful acidic odour. The Alloy Shine certainly did a good job and cleaned well, cutting through the heavy build-up of sticky brake dust and road grime to leave the wheels gleaming and refreshed.

While that’s a good thing, we wouldn’t use it to clean the wheels every time the car is washed with the product being acidic, which would likely have a negative effect after a while and take lustre away from the finish. We’d recommend using the Alloy Shine on a heavily soiled wheels, then use the High Wax Car Polish (more on that product further down) to get them gleaming, and finally apply a good wax. Then, the next time they need a clean you can just use the Wax Wash shampoo and a sponge to remove the grime.

Also, although it didn’t say it on the bottle, as it is so acidic we’d definitely avoid using it on some types of wheels such as split-rims or chrome/polished finishes.

Testing the Black Diamond The Works Alloy Shine Wheel Cleaner

Black Diamond Wax Wash Shampoo

The Black Diamond Wax Wash Shampoo cleaned well enough, and there was plenty of foam there too (not that foam is overly important, remember folks), although there were no instruction on how to dilute it – ‘Add a generous squeeze’ was all that was mentioned. There was also no mention of whether the shampoo was wax-safe either – and some car wash products are known to actually strip off wax you’ve previously applied to paintwork, due to certain ingredients being used.

Using the Black Diamond The Works Car Wax Wash car shampoo

Black Diamond High Wax Car Polish

Moving on to the High Wax Car Polish, we think the ‘wax’ bit of the name refers to the shine it gives, rather than wax being included in it. It’s described as ‘An easy to apply polish which gives a long lasting, deep shine’. The polish was not overly easy to apply, and it took a fair amount of effort – however, removal was simple and the product left a good shine to the paintwork. Although water sheeting was slightly improved, beading was really non-existent. We’d follow this product up with a wax, as it actually gave a decent base for a layer or two of the good stuff!

Using the Black Diamond The Works High Wax Car Polish

Black Diamond Tyre & Trims

Sliding over to the next product, Black Diamond Tyre & Trims, we’re split on this one. Okay, so the negative points first; Whilst applying it we noticed it smells fairly strong, so use it in a well-ventilated area. If you use it on interior trim, make sure all you car doors and windows are wide open.

Tyre & Trims sprays out finely, so we made sure to spray it directly onto a cloth when there was a breeze about to save overspray.

The sprayer nozzle gave a good and even spread, and the finish we got on both tyres and exterior trim was actually pretty decent. It doesn’t look too slick or shiny, and didn’t leave behind any sticky or dirty residue. We checked a few days later after it had been raining and the Honda had been driven a few times, and the appearance was still the same as when we’d first applied it. There were no runs, and it was an even covering too. Thumbs up on those details!

Review of Black Diamond The Works Tyre and Trims spray

Finally, and onto the last product we used – Black Diamond Glass Shine. Let us say from the off, we officially think this product is outstanding! Simply put it onto a microfibre cloth, give the glass a quick wipe over, then wipe it off with a clean microfibre cloth and that’s it. A truly perfect finish on both interior and exterior glass. The Honda’s glass was a real mess from months of not being cleaned and it was filthy with smears and fine dust. The Glass Shine removed it all without fuss, and with real ease too. Definitely the best product out of The Works kit. In fact, it’s one of the top two glass cleaners we’ve ever used and deserves a good 9/10 score on that front!

How to use Black Diamond The Works Glass Shine

Final Thoughts

Black Diamond’s The Works Exterior Car Care Kit’s pricing ensures you are getting a good deal of products for your cash. However, it is definitely aimed more at valeters rather than those into their vehicle detailing, and products such as the highly acidic Alloy Shine show this.

A bit of a surprise was how good the Tyre & Trims product’s finish and longevity was, and we did come across a really Diamond item (‘scuse the bad pun), namely the Glass Shine Cream Glass Polish, which genuinely worked and performed brilliantly – in fact, we think it’s one of the best glass cleaners we’ve ever tested

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Black Diamond The Works Exterior Car Care Kit - Results!

Black Diamond The Works Exterior Car Care Kit – Results!

Words: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies, Matthew Davies

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