Britemax AIO-Max Review

Time-saving & quick to use, removes light scratches & swirls with ease, smells of Apples, high-shine and mirror-like finish, good water beading

Won’t remove heavy scratches (but then it doesn’t claim to)

Britemax AIO-Max?

Britemax AIO-MAX bottle on car bonnet

AIO-Max (pronounced I-O) is a one-step cleaner, polish and wax which can be applied by hand or machine polisher. It claims to lightly clean clear-coats, remove swirl marks and light oxidisation, as well protecting paintwork with Polymers and Carnauba wax included in the formula. ‘Leaves a glossy & Durable protective coating’ is what’s also mentioned on the label. How well does it work though? We review Britemax AIO-Max to find out…

Test time…

Car paintwork scratched and dulled ready to be treated with Britemax AIO-MAX for a review

Paintwork is scratched from off roading and dulled with age – let’s see what AIO-MAX can do.

We’d be testing the AIO-Max on a Mitsubishi Pajero which had so many swirl-marks and light-medium scratches in the paintwork from off-roading and subsequent washes with a nasty car wash brush, that the paint had been physically dulled. It was also going to be used to ready the paintwork for laying down a couple of sealants we had for testing; X1 Shine & Seal, and Britemax Extreme Elements.

As the paint finish was so bad, we’d be using AIO-Max with a DA (Dual-Action) machine polisher (kindly supplied by rather than applying it by hand. The marring in the paint covered most of the panels, but the swirls weren’t too heavy or deep, and the scratches fairly light with the odd one or two deeper scores. Taking this into consideration – and also the fact the AIO-Max hasn’t got any hefty cutting agents in it – we went with a Lake Country yellow CCS (Collapsed Cell Structure) heavy cutting pad to give the AIO-Max a bit more of a punch against the blemished paintwork.

Britemax AIO-MAX being applied to car paint with a DA machine

You can apply AIO-MAX by hand but we used a DA machine to be a bit more effective against the deeper scratches.

Open the AIO-Max, and you’ll notice the pleasant Apple fragrance, which is exactly the same as the Britemax Spray & Shine detailing spray. This is a good start as it’s always nice to work with products that smell nice. After preparing the paintwork with a wash and clay bar decontamination process, it was time to use the AIO-Max.

Dampening the pad with a little water, we squeezed out a few spots of the green-coloured AIO-Max, and then started to work it into each panel, firstly on a slow speed to spread it evenly, and then turning the DA’s speed up to work it in. We noticed that AIO-Max doesn’t dry too quickly, and that a little goes a good way too. There’s no need to add too much to the pad, as you’ll only bung the pad up and stop the DA from rotating as easily.

It didn’t take long to work the product into the paintwork, and it spreads well, and above all is extremely easy to use. Once we’d finished the first panel, the residue from the AIO-Max was wiped down with a soft microfibre cloth, revealing great results. Already, with just one ‘pass’ (go-over) of the product, it had got rid of most of the swirls and diminished the scratches greatly, plus the paint had a refreshed look about too and there was a good shine where previously dullness was only seen.

Britemax AIO-MAX test and review on car paintwork

Paintwork treated with AIO-MAX; before (right) and after (left) 50/50 on the Pajero’s door panel.

It had done a good job for a single quick pass, but we wanted an even better finish, so we repeated the process again. This time, the swirls were completely removed, as were the scratches, leaving a deep lustre and mirror-shinish to the paintwork. I’ve had the Pajero almost 3 years, and since I bought it, it has never looked this good.

Mirror like finish on a bonnet after using Britemax AIO-MAX.

The AIO-Max results are astounding, considering that this is not a heavy cutting polish. Okay, as mentioned the swirling and scratches weren’t hugely bad, but this 4×4 had been off-roaded a load of times through bushes and thick, gravel-ridden mud before being washed numerous times with a chemically, gritty car-wash brush.

After all that abuse, using AIO-Max saw my old 1994 Pajero’s dark blue paintwork transformed from dull and lifeless to having a deep richness and gloss finish to it. As the product contains Carnauba, we gave the panels a water test with the hosepipe. The results showed decent sheeting and beading qualities, and considering this is an all-in-one product, it did very well on that side of things.

Britemax AIO-MAX review; beading results are excellent

Testing the beading qualities of Britemax AIO-MAX

On a final note, there was a deep and nasty scratch on the bonnet, which hadn’t reached the undercoat, but it must have been pretty near judging by the depth. We gave the scratch 4 passes with the AIO-Max on the heavy pad, and this diminished it surprisingly well. It’s still there – there’s no way it wouldn’t be without wet-sanding and using heavy polishing compound – but I was hugely happy as it’s now way less visible or obvious.

Britemax AIO-Max verdict

Finished results from Britemax AIO-MAX test and review

Finished results from Britemax AIO-MAX test

AIO-Max is yet another brilliant product from Britemax. It is super-easy and quick to use, and the proficiency with which it removed scratches and swirl marks exceeded our expectations. After using it twice on every panel of the car, there’s still over half of the 473 ml (16 fl oz) bottle left too!

The finish it gave was undeniably good – not just refreshing the paintwork, but giving it an excellent depth and lustre, plus a reflection you could shave in. An added bonus are the beading and sheeting properties. You can definitely use AIO-Max on its own to great effect, should you want to machine polish your car quickly, instead of doing a three-stage process. Of course, if you want to do a ‘full’ paintwork correction on your car, this isn’t going to do the job, although you could use it as ‘step 2’ of the procedure, finishing off with Britemax Black Max perhaps.

All said, we love Britemax AIO-Max. It’s a simple and speedy product to use, and gives results you’ll be very happy with.

Have you used Britemax AIO-Max? What results did you get? Let us know by commenting below!

Score & specs

Finish  9
Durability  N/A
Ease of use  8.5
Beading/sheeting  8
Price  8.5
Overall  8.5 / 10  


Product  Britemax AIO-Max
Use  One-step cleaner, polish & wax
Finish  Removes light oxidisation, scratches & swirls, giving paint a fresh lustre & a high shine
Application  Can be applied by hand, or using a DA or rotary machine polisher.
Beading & sheeting  Yes. Polymers and Carnauba wax included in formula.
Stinky or scented?  Scented. Pleasant Apple fragrance.
Price  473 ml (16 fl oz.): £15.95 | 3.78 litres: £69.95
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Words: Chris Davies | Tested by: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies, Matthew Davies

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