Britemax Black Max Review

Britemax Black Max Product ReviewFinal Finish Polish Test: Britemax Black Max 473ml (16oz) £13.95 / 3.78 litres (1 U.S Gal) £59.99

Britemax, although well established in America, is fairly new as a whole to the U.K. However, we’ve found that the products of theirs that we’ve tested up to now have been great. No mega-hyping goes on on their labels – just a clear and concise ‘this product will do this job‘- type of description. And we like that.

Black Max is described as an ‘Ultra fine polishing glaze‘,which is designed to remove fine lines and swirls in paintwork. The label also states that ‘the depth and brilliance of shine is simply dazzling…leaves a non-oily mirror like surface ready to be sealed‘.

So, how did it stack up to the description? Actually, this product is pretty amazing. This is one where almost everyone that uses it or sees it being used – and the results that are achieved – absolutely love it. We tried it on numerous surfaces, including a car with a month-old fresh paint job, to a 16 year-old vehicle which had some nasty faded and bubbling patches on the bodywork. Whatever we used it on though, it never failed to leave us impressed. By the way, it’s good for any colour of paintwork, not just black.

A good example of this would be the front side window plastic wind deflectors of a Mazda Bongo (hilarious name, cool Japanese camper van). The defectors should be totally see-through with a slight tint, however, through years of washing the vehicle a million tiny scratches had appeared, and the deflectors had become misty and opaque. We applied the Black Max by hand with a soft sponge applicator, and the difference was astounding! They went from looking foggy to completely clear again with just a couple of minutes work.

We found that Black Max is perfect for things like light scratches around door handles, and those random light scuff marksyou find around bodywork from things like people pushing past your car in a supermarket car park. A positive point about Black Max is that it doesn’t leave behind any ugly white marks or residue either, so you can worry less when using it around plastic or rubber trim.

Using Black Max with a Machine Polisher

Britemax Black Max Test and reviewAnother big plus with this product is that if you are into your machine polishing, as a final finish polish, this is up there with the best of them. After having to remove some seriously heavy and deep swirl marks (thanks to the bodyshop) from a month-old paint job on a Nissan Skyline GTST, we’d done the usual heavy and medium compound stages, and it was time for the final finish stage. At this point, and before you do the final finish stage, the paintwork usually looks pretty darn good, but once we started using the Black Max with a Dual Action machine polisher, it turned the paint from ‘gleaming’ to ‘so deep you could dive in and swim around’.

When using it on a DA, we found it really very easy to work with. It spreads well and works into the paintwork with no problems, and wiping the excess off afterwards is undemanding.

The scent of this product is super, especially when using it with a machine polisher, as the heat naturally brings out the smell more. By the time we’d finish polishing the Skyline, the entire garage smelled  of chocolate and vanilla, but then you may think otherwise (why not leave a comment at the bottom of the page).

Even if you can’t be bothered to do a three or four-stage polishing process, the Black Max is superb for a fast and deep shine. After just a quick claying and onto using the product with a DA polisher, results saw paintwork given a fresh and vibrant look, and it instantly deepens it and ‘pops’ out any metallic  in the paint.

With this product, we did find that anything much heaver than very fine polish marks, swirls or scratches and the product can’t get rid of them, although it will make them less obvious to a degree.

Regarding price, this stuff is worth every penny of your hard-earned cash, and it’ll take you a long time to get through even the half-litre bottle. Anyhow, the results are so cool that you’ll forget the price just as soon as you use it.

9/10 Black Max does as the label says and removed fine swirls and scratches with ease. As a final finish polish, it brings an unbelievable depth of shine to paintwork.

+ Nice product to work with, does exactly as it promises, and smells beautiful.

We haven’t found any negatives yet

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Britemax Black Max Product test and Review

Damaged paintwork on a Nissan Skyline GTST. We applied two stages of polishing compounds before moving onto the Black Max as a final finish polish

Results after a 3-stage machine polishing process, and using the Black Max as a Final Finish. Beautiful!

Results after a 3-stage machine polishing process, and using the Black Max as a Final Finish. Beautiful!


Britemax Black Max Test and review


Britemax Black Max test and review

More superb results. After the 3-stage process, we used the Black Max as a final finish polish

Britemax Black Max Test and review

The items used for the final polishing stage. Britemax Black Max and a Dual Action machine polisher

Britemax Black Max Test and review

After applying the Black Max. Here, we remove the product.

Britemax Black Max Test and review

Britemax Black Max Test and review

Britemax Black Max Test and review

Britemax Black Max Test and review


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  1. Juan

    which color foam pad will be used using britemax ultra polishing glaze.

  2. kleen Machine

    this guy does some great reviews,a and that Black max is brilliant stuff, got sent a sample and immediately wanted to order some. You Can even use it to get scuffs out by hand we`ve found

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