Britemax Grime Out Review

Can be used on loads of different surfaces, high degreasing power yet safe & acid-free, smells of marzipan

Erm… we can’t find any negatives. Sorry.

Britemax Grime Out?

Britemax Grime Out degreaser bottle

Grime Out is a multi-surface use product, designed to remove water spots, road tar, bugs and more from paintwork, plus removing in-grained dirt and polish or wax residue from rubber and plastics, as well as dissolving brake dust and engine oil and grease. You can even use it as an additive to car shampoo for car that are super-dirty, and on soiled car upholstery. All this though, and it’s apparently completely safe being as it’s free from acids and heavy solvent, plus being totally biodegradable.

We used it to clean a throughly grimy engine bay, so here’s our review of how Britemax Grime Out did on our test…

Test time…

First off, this engine bay was pretty filthy. It’s not been cleaned in over a year, and there was a build up of thick,, black oil on certain parts due to small leaks, plus the rubber and plastic hoses and pipes were fairly caked in muck from both on – and off – roading. Although it’s always given a blast down after each off-road session with a power washer, there’s always grime ingrained into almost every wire, tube and conduit, so there was plenty to go at with the Grime Out.

Britemax Grime Out degreaser wash being sprayed on a dirty intercooler

Application is easy, and there’s nothing to it but to spray it on neat, directly on to the surface. We left the Grime Out to settle for a minute or two, before agitating it on every surface, using a soft wheel brush, and either a thicker paint brush or old toothbrush for heavier dirt build-up, such as oily parts.

Britemax Grime Out degreaser wash additive review

It’s got to be noted that even thought the engine was cold, the Grime Out seemed to dry fairly quickly and we found that we had to re-apply the product after a couple of minutes of brushing the parts, should they need cleaning more.

Grime Out smells nice, and instead of that horrible sulphuric reek you get with some degreasers, there’s a pleasant scent of marzipan wafting about as you use it. In all, it took us around ten minutes to spray on the Grime Out, leave it to settle, before a brush-down of all the metal, rubber and plastic that needed attention. Next, it was onto giving the cleaned bay a rinse – revealing whether Britemax Grime Out was any good.

Britemax Grime Out - before and after cleaning of the engine bay

As the water ran off, taking mucky suds with it, the results were immediately clear; previously dirty plastic pipes and rubber hoses were virtually back to original again, while any formally oil-stained metal parts were bright and looking polished. Parts where the oil had gone thick and gloopy from being mixed with dirt did take a couple of attempts to shift, but even then each section only took around 2 minutes to be clear of heavy grime.

Britemax Grime Out verdict

Grime Out did a great job of cleaning our engine bay. It was quick to use, shifted even a thick build-up of oily mess with relative ease, and smelled great in the process too. The amount of parts and places you can use Britemax Grime Out make it a true multi-surface product, and we’d certainly recommend keeping a bottle or tub in your garage, as it’ll definitely come in useful a ton of times.

Britemax grime out degreaser review - before and after use on an a car engine

Price-wise, Grime Out costs £10.99 for the 907 ml (24 fl oz) spray bottle, which is a decent size and with it being so effective you don’t need too much, so it’ll go a good way. Actually though, if you’re going to be using it a fair bit, for our cash we’d go for the big 3.78 litre (1 gal. US) tub for £22.99, as it’s much more cost-effective (approx. 80% more product for £11.00 extra).

The intercooler after cleaning with Britemax Grime Out degreaser.

Finally, we really can’t find any real negatives here, as much as we tried to. The closest competitors to Grime Out is Auto Glym Engine & Machine Cleaner, which is safe to use on most exterior surfaces, and – in spray form at least – is priced more cheaply than Grime Out. Then there’s CarPro Iron X and Valet PRO Dragon’s Breath, which are safe on both painted and metal surfaces but make no mention of plastics or upholstery.

What’s your favourite multi-purpose cleaner? Let us know by commenting below!

Score & specs

Effectiveness  9
Usefulness  9
Price  8.5
Overall  9.0 / 10 


Product  Britemax Grime Out
Safe to use on…  Plastic, rubber & tyres, metal, paintwork, glass, car upholstery (carpets/mats)
Not safe on…  Unpainted aluminium. Fine if you’re using polish on it afterwards though…
Will remove…  Brake dust, engine grease and oil, ingrained dirt in plastic and rubber, wax and polish residue, road salt, hard water spots on glass, bugs, tar
Stinky or scented?  Scented: Mazipan. Possibly cherry marzipan.
Price  Spray – 907 ml (24 fl oz): £10.99 | 3.78 litre (1 gal. US) tub: £22.99
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Words: Chris Davies | Tested by: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies, Matthew Davies

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