Britemax Spray & Shine

Britemax spray and shine final wet look detail spray test and review

Car Wax Test: Britemax Spray & Shine Final Wet Look Detail Spray 709ml – £10.99  / 1 gallon (3.8 litres)- £29.99

We officially love detailing sprays. Throughout the bad winter weather, detailing sprays, or spray waxes, have been a life saver. Days with good enough weather to wash your car are few and far between, and it quickly gets dark and goes cold – so anything to save time making your car look great goes down well in our book. When it comes to the Summer months, and you just want to be out and about driving your shiny pride and joy around, spray waxes save loads of time and effort and you’ll still have great-looking paintwork with the right product.

There are now quite a few good quality spray waxes out on the market, and we can safely say that Britemax’s Spray & Shine joins the ranks of being up there with the very best of them – the ‘cream of the crop’, as the saying goes.

You can use it on wet or dry vehicles, as long as you’ve just washed it that is. We found that when using it on a wet car, it nicely acts as a good drying aid, speeding up the time it takes to not only dry off your car but also has the added bonus of waxing it at the same time.  Using it on a dry car is exactly the same and you will get astounding results from the Spray & Shine.

After spraying it on, spread it around with a good quality microfibre cloth and then use another side of the cloth to remove the excess. The results are completely as the manufacturer states – it gives a beautiful deep and wet look shine. The shine doesn’t lose it’s edge after a few days though – instead you are looking at a good 2 – 3 weeks of  decent protection and good looks.

Although the beading qualities are not quite as impressive as Naviwax’s Liquid Detailing Spray for example, it still holds its own in that department. The pricing of the Spray & Shine is actually very competitive, and at around £11.00 for over 700ml it’s fairly easy on the old wallet.

9/10 Superb results matched with a good price makes this a top-notch spray wax.

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Britemax Spray and Shine test and review

What we used

Britemax Spray and Shine test and review

Before - Water beading and sheeting had all but gone

Britemax Spray and Shine test and review

Application is simple and straightforward

Britemax Spray and Shine test and review

Super-shiny finish takes only minutes achieve

Britemax Spray and Shine test and review

After spraying, simply wipe over...

Britemax Spray and Shine test and review

...and any excess should dry off quickly.

Britemax Spray and Shine test and review

Reflection time

Britemax Spray and Shine test and review

Water beading after using Britemax Spray and Shine

Britemax Spray and Shine test and review

A closer look that beading pattern

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  1. Phil

    Good stuff and I’m out of product so I’d like to go to a local store and buy some (since my local outlet closed it’s doors) of the product and while it is good stuff not worth $20 plus with shipping, but you don’t have any listings for outlets (save 2) or the offices numbers for customer service (there’s a concept).
    So, do you have any distributors near 01089 or the main office number outside of Boston somewhere, I think???
    Phil G.

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