Britemax Vantage Wax – Tested!

Britemax Vantage Wax – Tested!


Verdict: + Good quality wax and finish - Good beading needs multiple layers

Britemax Vantage Test and review. Photo shows the full pot

How Britemax describe their wax

‘Vantage is a premium carnauba wax suitable for all paint types and colours that require a protective high gloss finish. It combines a high content of #1 grade Brazilian carnauba wax and polymers specially engineered to deliver incredible wetness and depth of shine with superb durability and protection.Vantage can be used as a final wax or as a topping over any Britemax polymer / sealant based product.’

Britemax Vantage Wax. Image shows the wax itself

Our thoughts

Unscrewing the Britemax Vantage tub, we were greeted by the pleasant scent of Coconut. It’s not totally necessary to have a wax which smells nice, but it definitely makes working with it more enjoyable.      Using the applicator and running it across the top of the wax, you can see the Vantage soften and almost melt onto the pad.

Very little is needed to cover a decent-sized area as it spreads nicely.It helps if you do as Britemax recommend and carry out a little prep work beforehand. In our case the test-car’s paintwork was covered in light overspray and general fallout, so we used a clay bar, and then Britemax Blackmax on a medium pad with a Dual Action machine polisher.

This helped the wax to spread well and give an even coat. As per the instructions we left the Vantage to cure for 10 minutes before we removed it. Removal with a soft microfibre cloth was easy and required very little effort, possibly due to the use of polymers in the ingredients.

Britemax Vantage wax. Stunning results!


The Vantage gave a lovely deep shine to the paintwork, as Britemax promise. The metallics popped out, and the paint took on a sleek and slippery look – especially excellent at night under street lamps.We’ve seen slightly better beading and sheeting from other waxes – such as the Naviwax’s – but applying couple of layers of the Vantage gives far better results than just one application so we’d recommend doing that.Britemax say their Vantage wax will last 3 to 4 months (if looked after properly), and we’ll update the review at that point.

Priced at £39.95 for a 236ml (8oz) tub, the Britemax Vantage is priced competitively in today’s market. Taking into account the high quality finish, longevity and sheer amount you get we felt it’s well worth the cost, as theoretically, a tub could last you over 8 years! (35 layers per tub, 1 layer per 3 months = 105 months).

Britemax Vantage wax - results time! Leaves a rich, deep gloss to paintwork

Britemax Vantage wax applied to a Mitsubishi Colt

Britemax vantage test, results on the rear of a car

Need-To-Know Info:

+ Good quality wax, fairly priced, nice results

 multiple layers needed to get really good water beading and sheeting

Pot size: 236ml (8oz)| Website: (click) | RRP: £39.99 | 30ml Sample: £6.95



Thanks to Britemax for supplying the wax

Words and Testing: Chris Davies | Photo’s/Films: Chris.D, Matt Davies 

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