CarPlan Demon Foam Review – A Snow Foam Car Shampoo

Non-fussy, easy to use, user-friendly, wax-safe, works well

Slightly unwieldy to use, more expensive than traditional shampoo wash

CarPlan Demon Foam?

Car Plan Demon Foam Snow foam car shampoo sprayer
Once used only by professional detailers and hardcore car cleaning enthusiasts, snow foam is fast becoming a popular product for the everyday guy. Snow foam is usually used as a pre-wash product before you use shampoo and wash mitt/sponge on the vehicle. You simply hose the entire car in the stuff, leave it to settle and work its way into and under the grime on the bodywork, before rinsing it off. This removes the majority of road grime and heavy traffic film safely, before you move onto a final shampoo wash. It’s ‘safe’ in that it creates less chance of leaving scratches and swirl marks behind in the paintwork over a traditional wash method.

Snow foam is applied two ways; by attaching a mixer bottle to a power wash lance or you can also buy mixer bottles that attach to hose pipes too, but produce less foam and less pressure obviously. CarPlan Demon Foam is used via a hosepipe, and it’s not a traditional snow foam but more of a spray-on shampoo, as you apply the product, allow it to settle before removing with a wash mitt or sponge.

CarPlan’s description of the product is as follows;  ‘[Demon Foam] effortlessly lifts dirt and contaminants from the surface [and]… high performance detergents powerfully remove all traces of traffic film, dirt and grease leaving a spotless, streak-free, shiny finish‘. So, how good of a job does it do? We were sent a bottle of CarPlan Demon Foam to review, and find out…

Test time…

Car Plan Demon Foam Snow foam car shampoo spray

First off, we always like a product that is nicely scented and the Demon Foam gets the thumbs up in that department, as it smells of bubblegum. It also looks pretty cool in ‘St Patrick’s Day’ green. For £11.99 rrp you get a 2 litre bottle with the sprayer nozzle, and CarPlan reckons you’ll use approximately 100 – 150 ml per average family saloon car.

We found there’s no real set-up involved at all, as it’s just a matter of taking off you normal spray gun that you use for watering the garden or rinsing your car with, and plugging on the Demon Foam nozzle and bottle instead. The nozzle also has a hand on/off switch for mixing, which allows water to flow through the sprayer without adding foam to it.

Car Plan Demon Foam Snow foam car shampoo spray review in use

Turn the switch to on, and the Demon Foam is sucked up to the nozzle through a tube, and comes out as a thick white foam. That’s a positive actually, as the nozzle does the mixing rate automatically and squirts out just the right mixture and thickness, so there’s no mess or fuss for the user in trying to get the mix correct.

Our test car was truly filthy, as it had been driven for around 8 weeks through winter without a wash. That meant that there was layer-upon-layer of caked-on road salt and general grime to clean off.

In our area the water pressure is low, so we didn’t get good results in either the power or range of the foam coming out, but other people have had great results with this. Although we also got decently thick foam, those with higher water pressure will get even better results.

After leaving it to soak for a few seconds, we then used a good quality wash mitt to work in the product more thoroughly. A tip here is to drench the mitt or sponge with the Demon Foam first to give an even better wash process. The foam itself feels slick and almost oily in texture as you work it in, and it’s a really quick and easy process to do the entire car, cutting through the grime effortlessly.

Rinsing the foam away, we found it washed off quickly and easily with no trace of product left behind. We were really surprised at the results actually, as the CarPlan Demon Foam cleaned the car superbly, and left it sparkling clean. Taking into consideration just how thick the grime was before washing, we’re highly impressed with the end results Demon Shine gave.

Car Plan Demon Foam Snow foam car shampoo spray review before after

Before and After using Car Plan Demon Foam Shampoo.

Working it out, if you use around 150 ml per wash, it’ll cost approximately 90 pence per wash. We used slightly more on our test car as the dirt was exceptionally heavy.

Any negatives? The only thing we found is that lifting a full 2 litre bottle plus lugging the hosepipe around too makes it rather cumbersome and unwieldy, especially if you have  something with a high roof like and SUV or 4×4, where you have to go up step ladders to reach it. We think a redesign and repositioning of the handle to make the Demon Foam bottle easier to lift and aim should definitely be considered by the folks at CarPlan.

CarPlan Demon Foam verdict & score

Car Plan Demon Foam Snow foam car shampoo spray - finished results

Whist Demon Shine isn’t a snow foam in the traditional sense, and won’t be quite as ‘safe’ as one either, due to using a wash mitt or sponge to clean away the dirt, it’s also a really user-friendly product, and certainly great for those who aren’t cleaning enthusiasts per se, but like to keep their car looking clean and shiny.

It’s definitely an easier, less messy and fussy alternative to using a bucket and sponge, and it’s also kinder to paintwork as well, as grit will float around in a bucket as you wash your car. CarPlan say as long as you’ve used a good-quality wax previously (over a cheap, non-durable one), Demon Foam won’t damage or take away from it.

Drawbacks are that it’s a little unwieldy to use, you can wash you car cheaper using a traditional shampoo and bucket, and it doesn’t seem like it contained wax, as some car shampoos do.

Finish-wise though, we couldn’t fail to be impressed, and with Demon Foam being such an undemanding and simple-to-use system, it makes you more inclined to physically go outside and wash your car.

What’s your favourite snow foam product or car shampoo? Let us know by commenting below! See more car shampoo reviews here.

Score & specs

How effective?  8.5
Usability  8.5
Finish  8
Value for money  7
Overall  8.0 / 10 


Product  CarPlan Demon Foam
Safe to use on…  Car bodywork, glass, convertible tops
Not safe on…  N/A
Will remove…  General road grime & road salt
Stinky or scented?  Scented: Cherry
Buy from?  If you’d like a link to your shop here, please contact us.
Price  2 litre inc. foam gun: £11.95 | 2 litre refill (no gun): £10.49

Words: Chris Davies | Tested by: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies, Matthew Davies

13 responses to “CarPlan Demon Foam Review – A Snow Foam Car Shampoo”

  1. lewis

    Best of the best car cleaning product, used first time then bought and used over and over , recommend to any one who enjoys looking after their car.

  2. Adrian

    We purchased this car plan product two weeks ago, and washed our cars. Initial thoughts were it smelled lovely and was fun washing the car, but after an hour after everything was dry we noticed the car was patchy with dirt.

    We again tried a week later, and the was washed and instructions followed. But the car after using this product was water marked, patchy and worse than before we started!

    Thinking we got it wrong, we washed our cars a week later……again! and the same issues happened.

    So to sum things up, it is very fun, smells delightful. But it is a waste of money and time.

  3. Chris Herbert

    Being a mobile valeter snow foam is a must have for me as I pre wash every vehicle.
    My supplier was out of stock of my usual snow foam so I popped to halfords and got this product.
    To say I was disappointed was an understatement!!
    I used it on my own vehicle first, before letting lose with customers vehicles.
    In my opinion it simply shouldn’t be called a snow foam.
    Used with a proper pressure washer & snow foam lance my usual snow foam will cover the car in a foam so thick it’s like shaving foam.
    And you can actually see it lifting the grime and dirt off and it actually dissolves tar, and it dwells really well.
    Demon foam did absolutely nothing, dropped off very quickly, and just didn’t dwell at all.
    I’d have been better off putting fairy liquid into my snow foam lance if honest.
    Shame, as the price is very cheap compared to my usual snow foam, but as the saying goes….”You get what you pay for”!!!!

  4. Chris Herbert

    In response to Adrian’s comment you must remember one thing.
    Snow foam ISN’T a susbstitute for actually washing your car.
    You use snow foam as a pre wash to remove the harmful grit/grime etc, which is what causes the swirl marks you see on vehicles.
    Using snow foam, hosing it off and then leaving it to dry is only ever going to do one thing……nothing!
    A top quality snow foam will cling to your car and work well at removing grime/grit.
    Then you pressure wash it off and then do a 2 bucket hand wash, one bucket for shampoo, one for plain water to rinse your wash mitt/sponge in to get rid of anything that’s on your sponge/mitt.
    Then it needs to be hand dried.
    If you’re going to let your car drip dry you might as well not wash it all, you should always hand dry it, and use a good quality microfibre drying cloth, not a leather chamois.

  5. Adam

    I have been using this product for well over a year and love it, however there is a technique to it. If you let it dry before u rinse it will leave water and dirt marks, also if u use a mitt to wash the entire car without rinsing it you will be putting dirt back onto the car.

    I have a metallic red vectra and find a several stage approach works well. Rinse the entire car, then apply the foam to the roof, work it in and rinse it off immediately. Rinse the mit and foam a side of the car, Then work down the car. Rinse car ans mitt and move onto another side. I do not dry the car and get a great finish everytime, it actually works better in drizzle than full sun.

    Every 6 months I give my car a good wax and that does it fine.

    Bad sides are it doesn’t remove tar or brake dust marks very well but I use a specific product for these problems. Also after about a year and a half the gun has packed in.

  6. Mrs m constant

    I have purchased two demon snow foam ,Both have stopped working after a couple of uses,I don’t recommend buying

  7. Stephen O’Connell

    I would avoid this product. Purchased two bottles as the first would not create a foam more like soapy water. Brought a second bottle tried on many pressure washers aswell as normal hose pipes but still only get more a soapy water than foam.

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