CarPlan Demon Shine Spray Gun Shine Review

Quick ‘n’ easy usage, adds good shine & water beading

Need to use regularly, little longevity, can leave water marks if not wiped off quickly

CarPlan Demon Shine Spray Gun?

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Demon Shine has been out for a while now, and its quick ‘n’ simple application means it won car cleaning enthusiasts over. We’ve tested the straight-from-the-bottle Demon Shine in the past, and liked it, but now CarPlan have made an even more time-efficient product: CarPlan Demon Shine Spray Gun. It’s a plug and play product, which connects onto a hosepipe, and is then sprayed onto the car. We were sent one to test and see if it’s as easy to use as their adverts make out…

Test time…

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We were using the Demon Shine Spray Gun as part of CarPlan’s spray range, so we’d already washed the test car using CarPlan Demon Wash Snow Foam. CarPlan still still sell the original Demon Shine Pour On Shine and Spray On Shine, and having tested both of these we know they’re decent products and are easy to use too. However, if you’ve already got your hosepipe rigged up then it’s simply a matter of plugging the Demon Shine spray gun onto the end, twist the switch on the side and the nozzle unit does the water to product mixture itself.

From that point it’s just a matter of point and squirt. The nozzle gives a decently wide spray pattern but the distance is goes depends entirely on the water pressure in your area. For us, we have low water pressure so only got around 120 centimetres (47 inches) spray distance, whereas others are getting much more than this. Either way, it still covered the entire car with little effort.

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You can use it on any surface including the glass and exterior rubber or plastic trim, so there’s no need to be careful with it. It’s nicely scented as well, and you’ll get the smell of cherry and marzipan wafting about when using the product. To finish, use a soft microfibre and wipe over the entire car to remove the excess, especially on the glass and plastic trim pieces to avoid streaks and runs.

CarPlan Demon Spray Gun Shine verdict & score

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After using Carplan Demon Shine, water beads and sheets (runs off the paintwork) well.

Any drawbacks? A couple of negatives are that the tub is a little awkward to handle and can feel heavy if you’re holding it high up for more than a couple of minutes. Also, if the surfaces you’re spraying onto are hot the product will quickly dry and leave runs and spot marks behind, so get it off quickly. It’s not great on longevity, and will need regular top-ups to keep it shiny and protection going, although top-up bottles are available at a cheaper price than with the spray gun unit.

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We were pleasantly surprised with the results, as even on a car with no previous protection applied (wax or sealant) the Demon Shine does actually add a decent high shine to the paint, and water then beaded and sheeted on the surfaces that were previously ‘flat’ (no beading/sheeting). To get even better results, our advice would be to use a wax as a base and then use the Demon Shine once a week or every couple of weeks. For this matter we’d class this as a spray wax more than anything.

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All said, the Demon Shine Spray Gun is a very quick and easy way to give your car a ‘quick fix’ of shiny-ness, and when used alongside the CarPlan Demon Foam car shampoo spray-system it makes very good sense. You’ll find you don’t need much per wash either, as it’s just a matter of spraying a quick and even coverage over the car.

Price-wise you’re looking at just under £10.00 for the 2-litre spray gun and £7.50 for the top-up bottles of the same size.

What’s your favourite snow foam product or car shampoo? Let us know by commenting below! See more car spray wax/quick detailer spray reviews here.

Score & specs

How effective?  7
Usability  9
Finish  7
Value for money  7
Overall  7.5 / 10 


Product  CarPlan Demon Shine Spray Gun
Safe to use on…  Car bodywork, glass, exterior plastic trim
Not safe on…  N/A
Will remove…  N/A
Stinky or scented?  Scented: Cherry/marzipan
Buy from?  If you’d like a link to your shop here, please contact us.
Price  2 litre inc. foam gun: £9.99 | 2 litre refill (no gun): £7.49

Words: Chris Davies | Tested by: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies, Matthew Davies

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