CarPlan Eco Car Polish

CarPlan Eco Car Polish test and review

Car Wax Test: CarPlan EcoCar Polish  500 ml – £5.87

We’re slightly confused here. Is this stuff a wax or polish? It contains Carnauba wax and Bee’s wax and there’s no mention of it cleaning paintwork – so surely it’s a wax?

It’s Eco-friendly, but does that mean it’s not as good as other waxes (or polishes)? We found it was easy to apply and take off, however, on paintwork that had been neglected for a while it left marks and streaks which were difficult to remove. On good paintwork it left a bright polished finish, rather than a deeper waxed look. Endurance wasn’t very inspiring though as it only lasted between two and three weeks. The price may be cheap but as the endurance is rubbish and it doesn’t exactly give a brilliant shine, you are better in the long run paying more and getting a longer lasting wax.

6/10 A cheap wax/polish (?) which works in line with the price.

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