CarPlan EcoCar Wheel Cleaner

CarPlan EcoCar Wheel Cleaner test and reviewWheel Cleaner Test: CarPlan EcoCar Wheel Cleaner 500 ml – £4.50

A pump-action spray. This is an Eco-Friendly wheel cleaner, in other words it doesn’t damage the environment. It ‘contains natural alcohols derived from sugar beet or maize with powerful natural detergents and naturally derived biodegradable surfactants and extracts of lime.’ Naturally (no pun intended), we thought that it may struggle to do as good a job as the others as it’s a non-acidic cleaner.

Cleaning your alloy wheels is an essential part of car care, so we need to know just how good these cleaners work in ‘real life’ situations. It worked very well though actually, and we were happy with the results. It worked its way right through baked on brake dust and thick road grime. If the metal or paint of a wheel is ingrained with dirt though, it wont shift it, but then again, neither will most acidic cleaners.

If your wheels are in okay condition and you want to use a cleaner kind to the environment, then this is a very good option, plus it can be used on most types of wheels including chromed alloys. Some slight drawbacks were that the product dried out on the wheels very quickly on warmer days and you can get through a bottle fairly quickly as quite a bit needed to soak a wheel.

8/10 A good wheel cleaner which is friendly to the environment and kind to your wallet.

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