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CarPlan Tyre Slik test and reviewTyre Shine Test: CarPlan Tyre Slik 500 ml – £4.99

An aerosol spray. After cleaning the tyres thoroughly and drying them off, we applied a layer of the Tyre Slik. The finish was nice and gave them a silky look and whilst driving, which didn’t flick off onto the bodywork. We noticed that leaving it to ‘settle’ for a couple of hours before using the car gave the best results.

The more negative points are that it didn’t last well and vanished after only a couple of washes, and that if there’s even a slight breeze when applying it, the spray will easily get onto the paintwork and leave greasy marks which then needs to be wiped off afterwards. Quite a bit is needed before you can get a really good look on the tyre walls, meaning the can will be used up quickly.

5/10 Leaves a silky finish to the tyres but doesn’t last well and application can be a pain.

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