CarPlan Wonder Tyres

CarPlan wonder tyres test and review

Tyre Shine Test: CarPlan Wonder Tyres  200ml – £4.75

Having tested this product thoroughly and to the instructions we came to the conclusion that it is truly rubbish. The best thing about it – and something that we actually think is a good idea – is the sponge applicator which makes it easy to apply the product neatly and with no excess. You gently squeeze the bottle and apply slight pressure to the sponge which has a release valve inside and allows the liquid to come out neatly. Other manufacturers should definitely use this sort of device.

However, that’s where the positive come to an end. As a tyre shine, this product really is appalling. It didn’t leave a very good shine and after using it for around 20 – 30 miles in the rain, it had all but worn off. Even in sunny weather this product will only last a day or two at the most, and it did in fact leave the tyres looking worse than they were originally, with some bad streaks and a patchy finish.

It has to be said, CarPlan actually make some decent products, including tyre shines, but this one is a real let-down.

3/10 An awful tyre shine which should be avoided.

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