CarPlan Wonder Wheels Trigger – Car wheel cleaner product review

Wonder wheels universal wheel cleaner
Wheel Cleaner Test: CarPlan Wonder Wheels Trigger 500 ml – £7.37

As usual we tested this wheel cleaner on some extremely filthy wheels. It worked very well, cutting straight through the baked-on brake dust and ‘motorway-miles’ grime. It did it quickly and almost instantly, as there’s no ‘contact time’ needed ,and it was easy to use thanks to the soft bristle brush the spray bottle comes with.

Although it’s a ‘10 time winner‘ and ‘best buy‘ product from another test site, our gripe is with the fact that it can’t be used with quite a few other type of wheels such as polished/chrome/anodised etc, and there are other cleaners out there that will clean all types of rims just as well and for around the same price too.

8/10 Works well, and the price is good as you also get a soft brush with it.

Cleaner only works with certain types of wheels

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