CarPlan Wonder Wheels Universal Wheel Cleaner

Wonder Wheels U wheel cleaner test and review

Wheel Cleaner Test: CarPlan Wonder Wheels Universal Wheel Cleaner  500 ml – £7.99

CarPlan has manufactured this product so that it’s safe for all types of wheels. This means that you guys out there with the split rims, polished or chrome alloys etc can use it safely in the knowledge that it won’t damage your Dubs. We found that even baked-on brake dust and winter grime was still shifted fairly easily. CarPlan’s other Wonder Wheels product is quite a bit stronger and shifted deeply ingrained dirt better, but this is slightly more advantageous all-round product.

The ‘U’ comes in either a spray bottle or a tub, but both include a soft and fairly good quality wheel brush too, which is a bit of a bonus. To use, apply the Wonder Wheels ‘U’ to your alloys, leave for up to 1 minute to soak and then use the brush to push product in deeper into the grime. After that – rinse off well and maybe use a sponge or wash mitt and some shampoo to finish it off.

8/10 A good and ‘safe’ all-round wheel cleaner which shifts baked on grime well.

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