Chipex Aquaphobic Screenwash review – Multi-Tasking Screenwash the Best Available?

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What is Chipex Aquaphobic Screenwash?

Look at the official description on the Chipex website, and you’ll see their car screenwash is far from the average kind. Instead, what they offer is an innovative version with thoroughly modern thinking behind is. Usually, a car screenwash will do two things; clean the glass and have anti-freeze agents for use in colder weather.

Chipex’s Aquaphobic Screenwash goes beyond those basic points, because their version also makes driving safer and far less stressful in bad weather, as well adding a further degree of comfort. How though? By being aquaphobic and hydrophobic.

Both of the above mean that Chipex’s screenwash repels water from the glass. Incredibly clever, and in the testing section below I’ll explain why that’s important. Firstly though, here’s the lowdown on the key points as to what this innovative screenwash is and does;

  • Actively repels water from the windscreen
  • Makes driving safer & less stressfull due to high hydrophobic properties giving a clear view in heavy rain
  • Cleans deeply and thoroughly
  • Super-concentrated. Up to seven refills per 5 litres of water
  • Removes smears, bird dirt & insects
  • Anti-freeze down to -2˚C (28F)
  • Reconditions wiper blades to eliminate squeaks and juddering
  • Prevents debris from sticking to the glass

Test time for Chipex Aquaphobic Screenwash

Chipex Aquaphobic Screenwash

I’m quite particular when it comes to which screenwash I use in my own car. This is because in the past I’ve used ones which smell fairly strong when you first put them in, and terrible after a few weeks sat in the wash bottle. Keeping my car in as good a condition as possible means I don’t want the roof and doors covered in a spray of screenwash that smells cheap and chemically, each time I use it. I always think it can’t be any good for the paintwork, or any wax I’ve used on it.

Chipex’s screenwash, on the other hand, has hydrophobic properties, will recondition the wiper blades and it’s only lightly scented, giving me more peace-of-mind that my paintwork and the wax on it is safe.


Onto the the testing stages though. Following the instructions, I first of all cleaned my exterior windscreen thoroughly. For this I just used the nearest household glass cleaner and absorbent paper towels. This is important, as removing all the bugs and any road grime (visible or invisible) basically prepares the glass for the coating Chipex Aquaphobic Screenwash applies as it is sprayed on.

Preparing the windscreen for Chipex Aquaphobic Screenwash

Before putting in the Chipex screenwash, I would recommend making sure your wash bottle only has water in it, as any screenwash or detergent already in there could effect the hydrophobic properties. For this, some wash bottles will have a pipe in the bottom you can undo, or simply keep flushing and spraying until the water is free of any older chemicals.

On that note, using any type of washing-up detergent in your car’s wash bottle is an absolute no-no. Poured in neat and undiluted it’ll sink to the bottom of the bottle and eventually block tubes and filters. Even pre-mixed, in my experience detergents do virtually nothing to remove bugs or road grime, but simply foam up on the glass and leave bad streak marks on the paintwork when it flings off.

Dilution rate

Measuring out the Chipex Aquaphobic Screenwash

Chipex Aquaphobic Screenwash comes in a 1 litre size, and the instructions state for the first use add 250ml per 5 litres of water (the typical size of a wash bottle). This is make to sure it gives a good coating to the glass, which is then built up each time you both use your windscreen wash system.

The next time you come to refill, only 150ml is needed per five litres of water, which means you’ll get approximately seven refills per one litre bottle making it good value for money.

Pouring in the Chipex Aquaphobic Screenwash

Test time…

After following the few instructions, it was time to test how Chipex’s hydrophobic screenwash worked. Okay you may be saying how can you tell the difference between it and any other wash fluid, but after a few squirts I could tell the Chipex fluid made a distinct difference in a few ways.

Firstly, I don’t use my personal car too often because of my job as a motoring reviewer, and because of that the rubber wiper blades tend to harden slightly between uses, and the moment I normally use them they start that annoying squeak as they push over the glass, or they will judder as they head over the windscreen, even when it’s raining heavily.

Using the Chipex Aquaphobic Screenwash

For the first few times, I deliberately drenched the windscreen thoroughly with the wash system and did a few passes of the wipers, to make the Chipex Aquaphobic Screenwash and water mix had covered the glass entirely. After this, it’s very clear how well their screen fluid works, as there was zero squeaking or juddering from the wipers, and instead they pass almost silently over the screen.

The next way I saw it was working was when I blasted water at the screen with the hosepipe on its most powerful setting, mimicking the effect a serious downpour would have. The results of using the Chipex screenwash are immediately obvious and exceptionally impressive, because as fast as the water hits the glass it starts to run off, and as soon as it stops there’s only a few droplets left sat on the glass.

Chipex Aquaphobic Screenwash test and review

Here’s the issue with using a normal screenwash or none at all. When it rains, any water will sit on the glass and even at higher speeds won’t move until you use your wiper blades. In heavier downpours, even with the wipers going at full speed the rain becomes almost shield-like across the glass, and the lack of visibility can become such an issue that driving becomes dangerous and particularly stressful, even for experienced drivers.

Testing Chipex Aquaphobic Screenwash-0122

Chipex Aquaphobic screenwash coats the glass, making it hydrophobic, which in turn means above 40 mph (64 km/h) the rain simply blows off the screen, with very little help from the wiper blades. The water droplets sit much further apart too, so even at lower speeds the rain cannot pool on the windscreen which makes visibility far, far better. In fact, at motorway speeds even in heavy rain, you’ll find you barely need to use your wipers, as the video below demonstrates nicely.

In turn, this means your journey is more relaxing, your reaction time will be quicker in bad weather and, while I’ve not tested it yet in these conditions, an educated guess is that ice and snow will be removed from the glass more easily due to the coating.


I also noticed that in comparison to many screenwash products, there weren’t really any streak marks or water runs on the paint and glass afterwards, showing the anti-streak properties.

Overall, the Chipex Aquaphobic Screenwash works exactly as well as promised, and it’s an impressive product offering much more than a standard washer fluid. Certainly, it’s what I’ll be using in my own cars from now on…


Product  Chipex Aquaphobic Screenwash
Links  UK Shop | Worldwide shop
Features  Makes driving safer, rain-repellant, super-concentrated, deep-cleans glass, non-smear, removes bird dirt & insects, anti-freeze to – 2˚C, conditions rubber wiper blades
Dilution  First use: 250ml per 5 litres water | Refills: 150ml per 5 litres water
Price UK: 1 litre @ £13.95 (+£2.99 P&P) | World: $19.99 (+shipping: see chart at checkout)

Words: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies

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Chipex Aquaphobic Screenwash

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