Chipex Car Touch-Up Paint System – A Better Way to Repair Paint Chips & Scratches

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If, like me, you’re particularly proud of keeping your car’s paintwork looking top-notch, the sound you definitely do not want to hear is a metallic whack as you’re travelling at speed behind another car. It means two things: 1. your car’s front end has just been treated to a dose of road rash – or in other words a smattering of nasty-looking chips out of the paintwork, and 2. your stomach has just turned slightly.


Unless you’re willing to drive around with a plastic ‘bonnet bra’ strapped to your car, there’s not a lot you can do to stop paint chips from happening. It can also be hugely expensive, especially if you have an expensive or exotic car, as resprays can run into the thousands just to have your bumper and bonnet sorted, and even a front-end respray on your average car will set you back a good few hundred for a decent job.

There are specialist chip repair guys that will come out to you and sort your car, but again you’re paying a fair whack for the privilege, and what happens if just one journey later you get another lump out your bonnet: you pay again.

Understandably, you’re loathed to fork out your hard-earned cash for a re-paint just for a few stone chips, so what do you do? Those little paint kits that come with your car are rubbish, because they rarely match the paint finish properly, and there’s always an obvious, ugly blob of paint at the end of it. Same goes for the kits you can buy from motor stores.

Thankfully, Chipex are here to rescue you from the mire of your despair! Who are they? Chipex are an international company who provide an inexpensive and easy touch-up repair system for repairing stone chips and light scratches to a high standard of finish, provide a 100% colour-match guarantee, and are an official supplier to the Morgan Motor Company.

Unlike the traditional-type touch-up kits I mentioned earlier, Chipex approach things differently by computer matching the manufacturer’s colour formulation, and are hand made for an exact colour match. To make it quick and easy to use, a Chipex kit is already mixed with clear-coat lacquer and come with a unique blending solution to make sure the finish looks uniform with the surrounding paint.

Choosing the right Chipex kit

To see how easy it is to order the right paint for my own car, I went to the Chipex front page, scrolled down to the ‘Get my colour’ box, and from the drop-down menus select my car (a Lexus), the model (LS), and then the paint by either colour choice (Astral Black) or by inputting the colour code if you have it.

Chipex car paint chip system colour chooser

A quick note: if you think your car might not be included on the list of makes and models to choose from, think again. I counted a massive 79 manufacturers on the Chipex list, for cars from around the globe, not just the main ones, and there’s loads you’ve probably even heard of such as Dr Motor, Brilliance, Zhong Xing, Jiangling Motors and TagAZ. Actually, with a section on each manufacturer it’s pretty interesting having a read about all the different ones around the globe.

If you’re after repairing paint chips on exotic or rare motor such as a Ferrari, Hummer H1, Bentley, Rolls-RoyceBugatti or Tesla, unbelievably Chipex sell kits for those too, and both customers and professionals alike are very happy with the results. In fact, one special example is of the Chipex system being used on a very rare 1960 Aston Martin DB4.

Okay, so choosing the paint itself was an easy process – now choose the kit you want. Prices will differ from country to country, so check your relevant site for details. £29.95 gets you a 12 chip repair kit, £35.95 for 24 and £37.95 for a ‘heavily chipped car’ which has a 4-year shelf life. Personally, I recommend going for the huge ‘Heavily chipped car’ kit as it’s the best value for money and you can use it over and over again for up to four years.

I thought it was good that you don’t just get the paint in the kit, but it includes everything you need – like a mini professional do-it-yourself kit. So, there’s obviously the paint itself, blending solution, polish, brushes, gloves, removal cloths, a microfibre cloth and instructions.

Using the Chipex kit

Don’t be put off by all the list of stuff included in the kit, as the Chipex system really is easy to use! I’ve had a go with the kit myself a while ago and whilst at first I was slightly daunted and thinking it would be complex, there’s actually just a few simple steps to repairing the scratch or chip, and it only took around 15 minutes to complete the job (aside from drying time). It’s quicker once you’ve done it a few times too, so you’ll be able to get it down to 5 minutes or so. You can go over the chip twice if it’s particularly deep, making sure it’s flush with the rest of the paintwork.

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Once used, the Chipex paint repair not only hides the unsightly stone chips, but it’s also protecting the area from getting infected with rust and further cracking in harsh winter weather. Another bonus I found was that after polishing the paintwork there’s no white residue caught in the chip, which in itself looks bad.

In summary, after years of using the traditional kits on my cars, and it still looking unsatisfactory and an eyesore, the Chipex touch-up paint repair system is a joy to use, and the high quality finish is especially astounding considering the price of it.


Chipex before and after repair on a Subaru


Before after images of Chipex touch up paint on a citroen C1 bumper


Rear bumper scratch repair before and after using Chipex

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