Dodo Juice Home Brew Kit Review – Make Your Own Car Wax

Car Wax Test: Dodo Juice Home Brew Kit 250ml – (from) £35.95

We ain’t some Dodo Juice fanboy club here on CarProductsTested. From the general high scores they get from us, it may seem like we are – but they just happen to make a great deal of, well, great products. We report it like it is, for your benefit people! Look at our photo’s for evidence of how well (or badly) a product works. We just receive a product, test it, and review it. If it’s good, we say, if it’s pants, we say. End of.

So, let’s get on with it.

Dodo Juice Home Brew kit test and review - The kit itself

Initial thoughts

Dodo Juice Home Brew Kit - The kit contents including the Liquid Phase and Solid Phase

Viewing the kit for the first time there’s patently a ‘Wow-Factor’ there, and this is certainly a unique product. Anyone else doing these? Not that we know of. The product in question is the Dodo Juice Home Brew Kit. For those of you that love their car wax (and if you’re into cleaning your car – you unquestionably should be), this kit is gonna make you salivate big time.

It is, no doubt about it, a completely and utterly brilliant idea. The best way to describe it is to use Dodo Juice’s own blurb, ‘… your very own chance to create a premium car wax, on your stove at home’. Yes people, you can now make your own wax! How very cool. You even get to personalise it by naming it whatever you want.

From the off, the kit exudes quality. The box is made of tin, but has an old wooden crate motif. On opening it, you have a foam mat and on top of that the instructions in print (even these are on high quality thick paper), your sticker kit and a wooden stirrer (like you get at coffee shops).

Underneath all this, place in thick foam cut-outs is your ‘Solid Phase’ 250ml heavy duty glass jar with what looks like Carnauba shavings and something else, and the plastic bottle of ‘Liquid Phase’, which smells beautifully of Bees Wax.

Cooking it up: Using the kit

Dodo Juice Homebrew kit - Make your own high quality carnauba car wax
We aren’t going to go through all the instructions on here – buy the flipping kit if you want that – but the upshot is that making the wax is extremely easy, as long as you’re not a clumsy beggar. It involves using a pan, water, placing jar with Carnauba pieces in said water, then bringing water up to boiling, adding the Liquid Phase to jar, stirring and finally cooling.

A couple of tips here for when you do buy the kit. 1. Use a big pan to leave more room to work with. 2. When you’ve placed your jar in the empty pan, leave the lid on the jar while pouring the cold water into the pan. Even a small amount of water getting into the mixture can ruin it! Leaving the lid on stops this from happening. 3. Remove the jar lid before bringing water up to temperature.

This is clearly a big boys toy, and is all the better for it! Making the wax at home really does make it feel like your own brew, even though Dodo Juice has done most of the work for you. When we were mixing the solid and liquid phases, the whole kitchen smelled amazing, and the end result is a very cool-looking bright green wax.

Stickering the jar up, Dodo Juice left a space for you to name the wax whatever you like. We went with ‘Green With Envy’, as it’s green and the finish it gives will clearly make people jealous. Oy, before you even think of stealing our Home Brew name – go find your own!

How good is the Home Brew wax?

Onto testing the wax itself. We tested in on a pretty chilly day (a 4˚C/39˚F), and although the instructions state to leave it 15 – 25 minutes to cure, we found that actually leaving it longer in this weather made it easier to remove. We applied it by sponge applicator, and after putting it on a little too thickly on a couple of panels and realising that when Dodo Juice instructing a ‘thin layer’ to be applied, they mean a Thin Layer. Thick Layer = Hard Removal.
You hardly need any of the Home Brew wax to cover a panel well, although applying it onto warmer bodywork will make it a much easier job, and it’ll go even further.

The finish to the paintwork was magnificent, with a superb depth and warmth added to what was wax-less and fairly lifeless paint. Beading and sheeting is superlative, even after just one thin layer of the Home Brew wax. Dodo Juice say the wax will last 2 – 3 months, but as always that’s dependant on how you maintain the car’s bodywork afterwards. We recommend using a pH-neutral wash/wax shampoo, and use a detailing spray afterwards too.

Dodo Juice Home Brew Kit - reflections on a car bonnet after use

Is it worth the money?

We’d say Yes. You are getting the privilege of creating your own wax, which even on its own is an awesome idea. Add in the other elements, such as the all-round quality of the kit and the huge 250ml jar of long-lasting wax, and be assured, your cash will be well-spent.

As a gift or present for someone, there’s not a chance it’ll be anywhere near the dismayed sound of ‘oh great, a pair of socks’. It’s going to be more a case of ‘jump-around-the room-like-you’re-12-again‘.

Anything the kit could improve on?

The only thing we’d maybe like is to have other colour and scent options. Apart from this, it’s all good.

Score: 9/10

Dodo Juice’s Home Brew Kit is ingenious. A ‘Big Boy’s Toy’ which is great for any true car-cleaning enthusiast!

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Words: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies, Matthew Davies

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