Dodo Juice Rainforest Rub

Dodo Juice Rainforest Rub

Car Wax Test: Dodo Juice Rainforest Rub 250 ml – £28.95 / $59.99

Occasionally, we come across a wax which is so brilliant – it’s hard to believe it. Dodo Juice never cease to amaze us with their product range and this Rainforest Rub wax is one of those products. We were sent a small 30 ml sample, but this small sample will wax an entire small car top to bottom at least 3 times. A small amount will cover the entire wing of a car.

You can apply Rainforest Rub by hand by taking a finger-tip-sized amount and rubbing it into your hands until it is soft and buttery, and then rub it into your paintwork – or you can just use the traditional method by application pad.

It goes on greasy and taking it off is very easily done. The results are simply amazing! The depth and clarity of the shine is excellent, and it lasts and lasts for weeks on end.

10/10 Simply put, it’s brilliant – buy it!

Note: The pot featured in the photograph is their 30ml Panel Pot – not the full 250ml tub.

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