Dodo Juice Red Mist Protection Detailer


Car Wax Test: Dodo Juice Red Mist Protection Detailer 250ml-£9.95 / 500ml-£18.50 – 8oz-$16.50 / 16oz-$29.99

10/10 An excellent price, gives outstanding results and performs well.

Dodo Juice Red Mist Detailer Bottle.As a company, Dodo Juice is a relative newcomer to the world of detailing products, as they only set up in June 2007 – so they’re up against some stiff and well-established competition.

If their Red Mist Protector is anything to by though, than they’re off to a damn good start! You can use this stuff on both waxed and non-waxed paintwork. It’s as easy to use as household polishers, as you just spray it on and wipe it off again straight away. No waiting time at all!

Red Mist gives an instant deep shine, if it rains it makes the water bead up on your car, protects the paintwork and if you’ve applied any already, wax too. It also goes the distance, and lasts through the worst weather for a good couple of weeks.

It only takes literally 2 or 3 minutes to do the whole car too. It’s also cheap at only £9.95 for a 250ml bottle, which will last for ages.

The only slight problem we found was that when used on warm paintwork and in windy conditions, it’s a little harder to get enough time to wipe it away as it tends to evaporate quickly.

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