Dodo Juice Sour Power

dodo juice sour power shampoo

Dodo Juice Sour Power 250 ml – £6.95 / 500 ml – £12.95

8oz – $13.50 / 16oz – $19.99

Another great product from Dodo Juice. This shampoo contains wax grade carnauba, which gives a really good shine to the paintwork and also adds a layer of protection to it too. It is well priced, as it not only does an excellent job but goes a fair way as well. It says to use between 2 and 4 capfuls of the stuff to a bucket of warm water, but we only used 2 capfuls and this washed a huge and very dirty 4×4 with no problems. It smells amazing (kiwi and apple?) and even after you’ve washed and dried the car you can still smell it.

10/10 Yes, it really does earn this rating! Good price, good job, shines and protects your vehicle using the best ingredients and smells amazing . You get what you pay for here.

Buy a Sour Power Sample bottle from our Sample Shop

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