Dodo Juice Supernatural Shampoo

dodo juice supernatural shampooDodo Juice Supernatural Shampoo 250 ml – £12.95 / 500 ml – £23.95

8oz – $24.99

A pump-action bottle. Okay, okay, yes we know. The price seems ridiculously high, and it certainly seems it at first glance. But consider this. The Supernatural Shampoo is an extremely concentrated formula and dilutes to 1:1500 parts water. In other words, fill an average household bucket 3/4 with water and add just 6 ml (3 squirts) of shampoo and your away. Take into consideration also that most other ‘concentrated’ shampoos by other manufacturers only dilute to 1:400 part water, and this makes Dodo Juice’s Supernatural Shampoo a relatively cheap product. How good is it though? First off, you can definitely tell that the ingredients used in the product were of the highest quality and we were massively pleased with the performance of it.

Cleaning power was deep, and it cleaned off all ‘motorway mileage’ dirt and grime with ease. It left an excellent shine to the paintwork and glass too. Even in hot weather the Supernatural Shampoo worked very well and left no water spots or marks afterwards, and it made the wash mitt glide slickly and easily across the bodywork. There’s no smell to the product as it is, as the name suggests, completely natural in both colour and fragrance. A hugely pleasing product to use that makes your car look great, even if you haven’t waxed it before.

10/10 Amazing product which is well worthy of the 10 points! Easily as good as their Sour Power Shampoo. Ignore the high price as it works out as cheap as other manufacturers shampoos in the long run anyway.

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