Farecla UniWax Wipes

Farecla UniWax WipesFarécla

Car Wax Test: Farécla UniWax Wipes  3 wipes – £9.78

A good concept that has been carried out well by Farécla. You get 3 cloths in each container and the wipes will work up to 3 times each depending on how big your vehicle is. To use them you simply wash your car as usual and the use one of the wipes to dry your car down. At the same time as you are drying, you’re also waxing the car.

These are really easy to use. The cloths leave no smears behind and they leave a nice shine to the bodywork – even on a car that’s not been waxed or polished in a while. We’d use these in between waxing times as it can save a lot of time and does leave a good finish. Water beads up pretty well on the vehicle afterwards too and even when the wipe runs out of wax they still make a very good drying cloth and are well worth keeping.

To get the best performance out of them, they are best used on a car with well-maintained paintwork.

7/10 An easy way of keeping your car looking good between waxing. Superb for ease-of-use.

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