Fitting Winter Tyres For Cold Weather Makes Sense!

If you drive regularly in the winter months, winter tyres shouldn’t be a luxury but instead something you fit as part of driving in the cold season. In some countries, it’s even a legality.

Below 7ºC (44ºF), winter tyres work much more efficiently, and as we move from Autumn into wintertime, the extra grip that a set of winter rubber offers makes driving through heavy rain, over fallen leaves and then in sleet, snow, slush and icy roads make for a far safer and less stressful drive, giving better overall control of the car, improved braking distances as well as superior acceleration from junctions and roundabouts and cornering grip than standard tyres.

While it used to be expensive to have another set of tyres for cold weather driving, there are now plenty of manufacturer offering them, meaning a wider variety of winter tyres available and in turn lower prices. Great for us drivers!

If you rely on your car for work, or simply for getting about on regular basis, now is the time to buy and fit winter tyres, for two reasons; firstly, that extra grip means you can still get to work even when the weather is bad. This is especially important if you have your own business! It also means you can get out and about when the snow hits, meaning happy kids for sledging, helping family and friends out when they need to go shopping, towing out other stuck drivers or simply just keeping mobile when most other drivers are stuck or can’t get out.

Secondly, buying winter tyres before the bad weather sets in is sensible both economically and from a safety aspect, because as wintertime gets closer, the prices of winter tyres rise, especially if it’s a bad winter and there’s a lot of demand for them. Visit for all your winter tyre needs!

In addition to that, within just a few hours the weather can go from quite mild and clear to the temperature dropping below zero Celsius and snow falling. The last thing you need is to be caught out!

Something else to bear in mind is that many people driving SUVs and 4x4s believe their all-wheel-drive system will be adequate the cold weather and snow hits, but this isn’t the case as in many cases a lighter front-wheel-drive car with winter tyres fitted can out-perform a 4×4 on standard road tyres.

Factor into that the advantages of the superior braking, accelerating cornering and physically being able to drive through thicker layers of snow with the deep tread of winter tyres, and they make absolute sense. Once you’ve tried a set of winter tyres, you won’t want to drive on standard or summer ones ever again in the cold seasons.

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