Get Your Car Protected for Winter!

Winter driving condition with a Mitsubishi Pajero

Winter’s a comin’ folks – and it look like it’s gonna be a harsh one!

First off, and as we are such nice people here at CarProductsTested, we’ve already done you a winter prep ‘How-To’, for the easiest way to get your car ready for the snow. How-To… Prepare Your Vehicle For Winter.

Okay, we aren’t the media, and we aren’t scaremongers either, but if the coming few months are anything like the last couple of years, your car will have the worst of the weather thrown at it – from freezing conditions to snow, ice, filthy slush and worst of all – road salt! Luckily for you (see, we’re always thinking of you guys), we’ve got the perfect detailing kit at a darn cheap price too.

Our Britemax Winter Preparation and Maintenance Pack will have your vehicle looking beautiful, both inside and out, whilst still protecting it from all the nasty elements that are about to (try) pound it out of existence.

We’ve got a degreaser and a shampoo in there, to rid your car of any really heavy grime, a polishing glaze to bring the life back to the paintwork, a product to keep your interior lookin’ sharp as can be, a sealant (fitting named Extreme Elements) to make washing your car a whole lot easier in winter, and finally, a Spray and Shine to make your paintwork gleam and bead like crazy!

All this, at a simply stupid price which works out at only 96 pence per sample before postage!

Simply click on the box below, and you’ll have your pack before you know it!

Enjoy! Admin Team.

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