Gtechniq G-Wash Car Shampoo Review – Gentle But Effective Cleaner

Washes highly safely, slick & easy use, effectively removes dirt and traffic film, economical.

No negatives

Gtechniq G-Wash?

GTECHNIQ G WASH car shampoo product bottle

G-Wash car shampoo works alongside Gtechniq’s nanotechnology sealants, to ensure it not only gives a good, deep wash but also doesn’t impair the longevity of any sealants or wax previously applied to paintwork, glass, or exterior trim. Gtechniq state that G-Wash “produces a high-foam content which breaks the bond between the dirt film [and] paintwork… minimising surface abrasion.” In other words, it’ll clean deeply and leave a good shine whilst reducing scratching over a ‘normal’ car shampoo. Let’s see how it does.

Test time…

GTECHNIQ G Wash car shampoo review dilution rate mixing

The first thing we always do when receiving a product to test is to smell it. It’s just a force of habit really. The G-Wash rewards us with waft of marzipan scent, which becomes even more apparent when mixed into a bucket of warm water. While it’s not the be-all and end-all, it just makes the job of washing your car that little bit more pleasant. Gtechniq recommend 2 capfuls for light dirt, and 4 if it’s heavier. To put that into perspective a bit more, we used a syringe to measure how much a capful is and it came out at approximately 7-8 ml (0.23 fl oz). So, you’ll be using around 14 ml (0.47 fl oz)on a lightly dirty car and 28 ml (0.94 fl oz) if it’s really dirty. That’s up to 18 washes from the 250 ml bottle. 35 from the 500 ml, and 71 from the 1,000 ml.

The G-Wash shampoo itself has fairly thick texture, and it into the bucket as it fills with warm water quickly sees thick suds, and although we have seen other shampoos that sud-up better than this does not mean it’s a lesser shampoo by any means, as we’ve also tested others that barely give suds but still clean well and gently too. We recommend adding just a few ml to your wash mitt beforehand just to give it that extra bit of help when cleaning the car.

GTECHNIQ G WASH bottle car shampoo review-7376

Our test car was a late Nineties black Lexus LS 400, which had previously had sealant and wax applied to it a few months before. The dirt build-up from weeks of it sat parked up, and also grime from a drive down wet roads showed it as light-medium, and there were areas with watermarks too. From the moment we used the wash mitt the Gtechniq G-Wash helped the mitt slip across the paintwork beautifully, and it feels more slick and lubricated than the majority of shampoos we’ve used before. It’s almost a silky feel, and this made washing the dirt off the Lexus a supremely easy task, cutting through it with very little apparent effort.

Rinsing away the suds and then drying the bodywork with a Gtechinq MF1 ZeroR Microfibre Buff Cloth – which incidentally is highly absorbent – it was obvious the aforementioned stubborn watermarks were also ridden of surprisingly well, with the majority gone in just one quick wash. Impressive stuff. The paintwork itself was back to having a deep warm glow to it, and the G-wash seemed to have brought the water beading and sheeting quality back on par too.

GTECHNIQ G WASH car shampoo review test comparison.

Price-wise we worked out that buying the 250 ml bottle (and based on a two-capful wash) means a cost of 50p per wash, 37p per wash with the 500ml and 28p with the 1,000 ml bottle. So, if you are going to buy this shampoo, it’s obviously far more economical to buy the 1,000 ml version.

Gtechniq G-Wash Car Shampoo verdict & score

GTECHNIQ G WASH car shampoo review

G-Wash is actually a real pleasure to use, and the quality of the product is obvious. Gtechniq state that G-Wash contains no gloss enhancers or bulking agents, so this is a shampoo more suited to cars that have previously had wax or sealant applied, or that have new paintwork. G-Wash does its job of washing off dirt and grime well, and we couldn’t fail to be impressed by how quickly and easily it works.

What’s your favourite snow foam product or car shampoo? Let us know by commenting below! See more car spray wax/quick detailer spray reviews here.

Score & specs

How effective?  8.5
Usability  9
Finish  8.5
Value for money  9
Overall  9.0 / 10 


Product  Gtechniq G-Wash
Safe to use on…  Car bodywork, glass, exterior plastic trim
Not safe on…  N/A
Will remove…  Light – heavy dirt and grime
Stinky or scented?  Scented: Marzipan
Buy from?  If you’d like a link to your shop here, please contact us.
Price  250ml: 8.95 | 500ml: 12.95 | 1,000ml: £19.99 | 1 US Gal.: £34.96

Words: Chris Davies | Tested by: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies, Matthew Davies

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