IceDozer Plus 2.0 review – The World’s most effective ice-scraper!

Makes removing thick ice, frost and frozen snow from glass quick and easy, superb build quality, works perfectly, lifetime guarantee

It should cost more than it does!

IceDozer Plus 2.0?

IceDozer Plus 2.0 review - The World's most effective ice-scraper

Which is the best ice scraper? Currently, almost every single ice scraper on the market have the same problems: they take an age to clear ice from the glass, your hands get freezing cold, and you have to put in a whole load of effort in using one, making you a sweaty mess before you’ve even left for work!

If there’s an especially-thick layer of ice (that type where the snow has melted and then re-set overnight), normal scrapers will barely touch it, and it makes for a frustrating time in trying to do so, cutting through an inch or two at a time until your hands are numb and you’re late for wherever you had to be.

Made entirely in the USA, the IceDozer Plus 2.0 is the answer to every single one of the above issues, and amongst the average scrapers of the world it is an absolute monster. We were sent one by the inventors and main dealers, Innovation Factory, to test through the wintertime, and here are our findings…

Test time…

Firstly, let’s have a close look at the IceDozer Plus 2.0.At 18 inches long by 7.25″ wide, and 4″ high (45.7 x 18.5 x 10.1 cm), this is certainly not something you can slip into your car’s glovebox or door pocket. Nope, this is something you can throw in your vehicle’s boot, load bed, or behind your seats, and haul out when needed.

And indeed, that exactly what you can do as the IceDozer is made from extremely tough and durable plastic. Ever tried to destroy a Playmobile figure? Think that sort of material, times five.

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At the rear is a large cutout handle which features deep grooves for extra grip, and the cutout area is easily big enough to grab when wearing thick gloves. Up front is another oval, grooved handle, which has a good enough diameter to be comfortable and yet offer the ultimate grippage. Attached to that is a heavy-duty brace to stop the whole thing flexing when you’re pushing heavily on it.

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At the business end, there are several sections working together to clear even the most stubborn of ice (and believe us, it does). At the very front of the silver blade is the Frost Peeler, designed for removing heavy frost from the glass, which also has forward-facing IceBreaker Teeth (the silver ridges you see in the images), which cracks up and helps clear the ice away as it pushes against the blade.

Underneath that silver blade are the brilliantly-named Tenderizer Teeth, which are ‘carbide-style’ in their design, and are designed to rip through, wear down, and then fragment the thicker sections of ice.

IceDozer Plus 2.0 review - The World's most effective ice-scraper-2-9

We’re not finished. Above the front blade sits a Snow Plow to keep your hands free from the ice, thus reducing the chance of getting cold and wet, and losing your grip in the process. To this attaches the PocketDozer. This is a small pocket-sized two-sided tool which can be detached and used separately from the IceDozer. It has a stiff short-bristle brush at one end, and a blade at the other. This can be used for removing ice and snow from harder-to-reach areas (such as wing mirrors or the corners of the side windows), and the brush can  be used to clear the vehicle’s lights.

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Right, that’s all the (many) features out of the way, so let’s get down to how well it works. As in the scenario I mentioned at the beginning, it’s never exactly a thrilling moment to walk out to your car and discover that it’s unexpectedly been freezing overnight, and that previously melting snow has now become deeply set ice, stuck to the glass seemingly with superglue.

Just as I was in a rush too. Great, just what I wanted. Grabbing the IceDozer Plus 2.0 out of the boot the first time, in all honesty I felt a little self-conscious hauling out this huge bright yellow monster while my neighbours visibly gave me strange looks as they set about the task with their normal-sized scrapers.

However, after just 30 seconds or so of use I didn’t care a jot for their thoughts, as I’d already cleared half the windscreen, while they struggled inch-by-inch to remove the ice and frozen snow. The front blade digs right into the frost, snow or ice, forcing it off the screen and out of the way with ease, thanks to the sheer amount of power and weight you can put behind the IceDozer, which is down to the two substantial grip sections.

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I find the toughest ice to remove is always around the wiper blades, where it sits before freezing into one long and wide, chunky section of industrial-strength ice – surely the ultimate test of your patience and any ice scraper’s abilities!

Banging the wipers first to break the seal with the ice, and in order to lift them away from the windscreen, I used the IceDozer’s Tenderizer Teeth flat against the ice, in a scrubbing motion back and forth. In a matter of seconds you can hear and see the ice breaking apart under the intensity of the sharp carbide-style teeth and they chew their way through even the toughest sections.

After that, it’s just a matter of removing the remaining frost or ice with the main blade, and you’re done. The IceDozer Plus 2.0 makes such easy work of clearing ice and snow from the glass that it actually makes for a much more enjoyable process, and one you don’t have to stress or sweat about.

Any issues?

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Nope. The IceDozer Plus 2.0 is such a well-thought-out tool that we didn’t find a single problem with it. I guess the closest you’ll get to one is that it doesn’t fit in your glovebox, but who cares when it works this well. Oh, and if there was any kind of failure – like a parts broke – the Innovation Factory back their product with a lifetime guarantee. That’s a crazy thing to offer on a product costing less than US $13.00, but it’s good that they’re so confident in it.


I mentioned just now that I don’t have any issues with the IceDozer Plus 2.0 – well I do… it costs too little! People were staggered when they asked how much it is, and I replied “Just under (US) $13.00.” If we’re being totally accurate, US $12.99.

For how well made it is, how superbly it works, and that fact it has a lifetime guarantee, we think the IceDozer Plus 2.0 should cost more like US $20 – $25.  Oh, and to top it off Innovation Factory ship every product out for free (within the USA).

IceDozer Plus 2.0 verdict & score

IceDozer Plus 2.0 review - The World's most effective ice-scraper-0444

If you aren’t on the web buying the IceDozer Plus 2.0 right now, you either live in a country that gets no snow or ice, or you’re tight.

The IceDozer is the most effective ice scraper out there, and it’s an absolute bargain too. It works so well that you could liken a normal ice scraper to someone clearing their driveway with a snow shovel, and the IceDozer to their next-door neighbour using a tracked Caterpillar to do the same.

In short, the IceDozer makes clearing ice, frost and snow from your car a faster, easier, and way more enjoyable job than any other scraper out there, and we love it.

We’ve never given any product straight 10’s in every category before, but the IceDozer Plus 2.0 earns them absolutely without question.

Usability  10
Price  10
Design  10
Quality  10
Overall Score  10 / 10


Product  IceDozer Plus 2.0
Kit includes  IceDozer, detachable PocketDozer (mini scraper & brush)
Warranty  Lifetime guarantee
Use on  Any frozen-over glass, lights, registration plate etc
Price (Correct: Feb. 2015)   US $12.99. Visit your own market for prices in your currency.
Features   2 x PowerGrip handles, Frost Peeler, IceBreaker Teeth, Tenderizer Teeth, Snow Plow, detachable Pocket Dozer
Buy from  If you wish to advertise here (we’re visited by 130 countries worldwide!), please leave a comment in the contact box below with your details and we’ll get back to you

Words: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies, Matthew Davies

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  1. Terry Martin

    The use of the term “boot” is a giveaway that the reviewer is in the UK. I live in the St. Lawrence Valley, eastern Canada, the world capital for freezing rain. If you want a credible review, send me one. I’m the guy that made the YouTube video titled Scraping Ice off the Car and we had 100 hours of freezing rain last season. I’ve seen it all.

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