Naviwax Dark Carnauba Car Wax Review

Naviwax Dark

Car Wax Test: Ioncoat Naviwax Dark 250g – £34.99 / 50g Sample – £11.65

10/10 Worked excellently, amazing shine, great value for money and great as a multi-pupose wax.

Our search for the best car wax continues. It looks like in Naviwax Dark we have a serious contender.

This stuff is officially sorted! The Dark is specifically made for darker paints including Red cars. The Naviwax Light is made for paler coloured cars such as white, silver and yellow.

We were astounded at how good Ioncoat Naviwax Dark really worked. It’s made in Japan and the container it’s in is cool-looking. The instructions are all in Japanese but for our sakes there are proper instructions on the tub in English.

First off, application. It comes with its own applicator sponge which should be damped slightly to make spreading the wax around easier. It contains Grade 1 Carnauba wax and hardly any is needed as it spreads a long, long way around the car’s bodywork. We liked the fact that as soon as you apply it, it can (and needs to) be buffed off again as there’s no ‘curing’ time at all. The buffing off part is very easy and virtually no effort is needed. You can also use it on windows, chrome and and plastic trim, where it works well too.


The shine is instant and deep on paintwork and really makes any metallic paints ‘pop’ out. Most waxes will provide decent water beading, but the Naviwax is simply astounding and takes beading to a whole new level where it will do it time and time again for a lot of car washes before you need to re-apply it. We used the ultra soft microfibre cloths with it that they provided (you can also buy these) and they worked well too. We totally loved this product and recommend it highly.

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We tested and reviewed the Naviwax product range over a year ago, and we loved them that much that we now sell some samples for you to try for yourselves! 

Want to try Naviwax products? We have tested and reviewed the Naviwax product range over the past five years and since they were so hard to find, and we loved them that much, we decided to sell some! Visit our wax shack shop to see the amazing Naviwax waxes and detailing kits.

Naviwax ioncoat Dark car wax test: Final results.

Naviwax Dark review and test: Beading results.Naviwax Dark car wax test. Testing on glass and trim.Naviwax Dark test and review. Final result on metallic green paint produces mirror like surface.

4 responses to “Naviwax Dark Carnauba Car Wax Review”

  1. Wesley J Magowan

    The tin I used had all instructions in Japanense and I would really like an English translation.
    Having only used it once on my Toyota Auris, I am really impressed. We have had a lot of rain over this week-end and the car was washed yesterday. The first time since I polished it and it looks as if I only polished it an hour ago. No water marks or anything. I was not sure if I should use it on the windows, but your report informs me I can. Thank you

  2. Bobby Crawford

    This is truly great wax and does everything windows, trim the lot, don’t put on windscreen though.

  3. peter

    I have 3 full tins left of this dark and have recently changed my car for a silver one. Do you think it will make much difference if I polish the silver car with the dark

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