Naviwax Light Carnauba Car Wax Review

Naviwax Light

Car Wax Test: Ioncoat Naviwax Light 250g – £34.99 / 50g Sample – £11.65

As with the Naviwax Dark, the Light is an excellent wax. The Naviwax Light has UV protectors within the wax, which will help prevent paintwork fading. We tried it on a silver car and again, the shine is instant and deep on paintwork and really makes any metallic paints ‘pop’ out. Silver cars are notoriously difficult to get a really high quality shine out of but this product did the job beautifully.

Most car waxes will provide decent water beading, but the Naviwax is simply astounding and takes beading to a whole new level where it will do it time and time again for a lot of car washes before you need to re-apply it.

We used the ultra soft microfibre cloths with it that they provided (you can also buy these) and they worked well too. We totally loved this product and recommend it highly.

As with the Dark, it comes with its own applicator sponge which should be damped slightly to make spreading the wax around easier. It contains Grade 1 Carnauba wax and hardly any is needed as it spreads a long, long way around the car’s bodywork. We liked the fact that as soon as you apply it, it can (and needs to) be buffed off again as there’s no ‘curing’ time at all. The buffing off part is very easy and virtually no effort is needed. You can also use it on windows, chrome and and plastic trim, where it works very well too.

10/10 Worked excellently, amazing shine, great value for money and great as a multi-purpose wax

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We tested and reviewed the Naviwax product range over a year ago, and we loved them that much that we now sell some! See below.

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6 responses to “Naviwax Light Carnauba Car Wax Review”

  1. scott bessey

    agreed. Being in the valeting trade this is one of three waxes that i use. Its the best of all three by far!

  2. Kenneth Tang

    I wonder what is the durability and protection like for this wax…

  3. Chris

    This polish is simply the easiest polish I have ever used, to do a full polish on my company vehicle to a high standard used to take hours, now I can get the same high standard of shine in just 30 minutes, a truley amazing product.

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