Luxori Leather Car Neck Cushions Reviewed

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Luxori Leather Car Neck Cushions?

We all like a comfortable journey in our cars, and one of the ways to do that is by getting seating position just right for our body. On many cars, the headrest is slightly too far back to lean your head against (as a driver), and we end up leaning slightly forward which leads to discomfort and muscle tension after a while.

This is where the Luxori Leather Car Neck Cushions come in, as they serve to support and add comfort for either the neck, head or lower back.

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So, what are they? Let’s look at the official description: ‘A pair of neck pillows with genuine leather construction that feature an elasticated band on the back to secure them to your car seat’s headrest. They can also be used behind your back as a lumbar support cushion – either usage provides extra comfort on long journeys, and does so while maintaining the style & enhancing the look of your car’s interior.’

Are they the best luxury car neck cushion, and are the worth buying over optioning them on your new car? Read on to find out..

Test time…

Some luxury car manufacturers actually offer neck cushions as an option, but they’re usually very expensive. For example, if you care to spec them on a Range Rover, they’ll cost £415.00 for a set of four winged headrests. They’re incredibly comfortable – I know because the Range Rover Vogue SE I tested had them on – and price is relative of course, but for those with older cars or ones that don’t have that option, I found out the Luxori Leather Car Neck Cushions are the next best thing.

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At just £35.00 for one pair, I genuinely wasn’t expecting a very high quality product, but both initial impressions and prolonged use shows otherwise. On opening the box, inside was a pleasant note from Luxori thanking me for my purchase and the neck cushions are well packed. They come with a drawstring bag, so should you need to you keep them in your car boot or elsewhere they won’t get dirty.

In both looks and feel, the Luxori neck cushions comes across as being made of high-grade materials. The exterior is made of genuine leather, smooth on the sides and perforated in the centre section on the front side of the cushion. The embossed perforated pattern is done supremely well, with the minute squares being clean-edged with no fraying or overlapping.

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The stitching, which joins the outer and central sections, is even and uniform, while the edges are finished using ‘corner trim technology’, exactly as the ‘piping’ around leather seats is done.

On the rear of the neck cushion is a perforated pattern with round holes, and again these are nicely finished. A thick band of elastic is stitched onto the rear of the cushion, which stretches to a decent amount and allows the cushion to be attached to even deep ‘one-piece’ type seats.

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Inside the neck cushion, the padding used is soft cotton, and thanks to a hidden zip (underneath the elastic) there’s the potential to re-fill it should the cotton eventually sag or go too soft.

They do go very well with even the higher-end cars, and I would go so far as to say they look appear as a genuine accessory the manufacturer would offer.

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I tried the Luxori neck cushions on three different cars, in a few different positions – around the headrest, at the base of the headrest and also sat it at the bottom of the seats (not attached of course) to give lower back support. I found the cushions to be firm enough to be supportive, while also soft enough to relax on.

The Luxori Neck Cushion allowed me to sit at a more relaxed angle, took away tension from my shoulders and neck and overall made a recent long journey much more pleasant, and gave the drive and ride an added luxurious experience.

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In case you were wondering if the leather made the skin unpleasantly warm or sticky on hot days, it actually doesn’t thanks to the perforated pattern on both sides.

At just £35.00 for a pair, the Luxori Leather Neck Cushions are worth every penny, and in fact I believe if they were £15.00 more they’d still be good value!

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As a warning, Luxori mention that there are cheap versions of these floating about on auction sites and elsewhere, but they are not genuine leather and they are nowhere near made to the same standard.

Are there any improvements I’d like to see? Not improvements as such, but there are only three colours available currently: black, black with red contrast stitching and beige/cream. I used the black one on my grey leather car seats though, and it suited them well.

It would be good if there were more of a colour choice, perhaps red as a lot of manufacturer offer contrast red seats with their sporty-spec cars, grey and the option to personalise with stitched initials would maybe appeal to some owners as well.

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Score & specs

Design  9
Overall quality  10
Comfort  9
Price  10
Overall Score  9.5 / 10 


Product & Link  Luxori Leather Neck Cushions
What it does  Supports the head, neck or lower back, and makes journeys more comfortable & relaxing 
Price  £35.00 per pair (including UK postage)
Colours  Black, black with red stitching, beige/cream

Words: Chris Davies | Photography & film: Chris Davies

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