Meguiars Gold Class Clear Coat Liquid Wax

Good price, looks great on dark coloured cars

Meguiars Gold Class Liquid Wax product

Car Wax Test: Meguiars Gold Class Clear Coat Liquid Wax Kit  500ml-£14.50 / 16oz-$19.49

As with Meguiars Tech Wax 2.0, the impression is good.

It’s easy to apply and take off, and there’s a good soft applicator pad included with it. There is no after-waxing residue or powder, like you get with some waxes.

It also leaves a very deep and mirror-like shine to the paintwork. It works best on dark coloured cars, and especially on black vehicles, where the depth of the shine is pretty amazing.

For the price, it’s pretty good, but there are a lot of car waxes on the market now which are a similar price but have better longevity, and are as easy to use.

5/10 . Longevity not that good. Definitely more impressive when used on black-coloured vehicles.

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