Meguiar’s ScratchX 2.0

Scratch and Swirl Product Removal Test: Meguiar’s ScratchX 2.0 – 207ml – £11.99

Light scratches seem to appear virtually everywhere on the exterior of a car. The obvious ones are behind, and top of, doorhandles from wedding rings and even just finger nails repeatedly catching the paint. They also appear down the sides of cars from people pushing past when it’s parked in places such as tight supermarket car park spaces.

For some reason though, they also appear in the most unlikely spots, like on car roofs and bonnets. Whatever the case, they are ultra-annoying.

As long as they are only light though, and not down to the primer below the paint, they can usually be removed. That’s where Meguiar’s ScratchX comes in. Their new 2.0 product promises a ‘new and improved’ formula. The manufacturer’s blurb on the instructions claims that instead of hiding the scratch, or leaving behind more scratches (like a heavy compound would), their product not only hides the scratches and blemishes, but also leaves a brilliant high gloss finish behind.

Well, we didn’t test the older stuff, so we’ll just have to see how this product fares.

Our test car is a deep metallic green, and is kept in good condition, so any scratches – even small ones – are magnified all the more when the car is clean.

After washing, rinsing and drying the panels, we applied a couple of ml of the ScratchX 2.0 to a sponge applicator pad. We then rubbed in the product in a circular motion whilst applying a medium amount of pressure. After spending around 50 – 60 seconds doing this, the product was well worked in.

Wiping away the excess, the deeper scratches have all-but disappeared or are barely visible, whilst lighter blemishes and swirl marks had completely been eliminated. Also the areas where the ScratchX 2.0 was used did leave behind, as per the blurb on the bottle, a ‘brilliant high gloss’, saving you the extra time polishing it back to standard again.

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On some stubborn scratches, we did need to go over the area again, but that’s part and parcel of most products anyway.

Actually, in the past we have found with other scratch removal products that although they did the job, they tended to leave the area where the scratches were was either too obviously dull or too bright compared to the rest of the panel. This stuff didn’t though, which is actually a very good accomplishment.

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One point though, don’t let the product get onto plastic or rubber trim as it’s a bit of pain to remove.

You can also use a Dual Action machine polisher with the product if necessary, which would be great for really stubborn blemishes or if you want to remove sizeable areas of swirl marks.

Overall Score 8/10 A good scratch and swirl remover, which works as well as Meguiar’s claim it does

The blurb doesn’t lie – it works well and leaves a nice finish behind

Takes a fair bit of arm-ache before deeper scratches are eliminated

Thanks to Monza Car Care for supplying this test product

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  1. Ijaz

    Can this remove deep keyed scratches that have gone through the clear coat but not through the paint or is wet sanding my only option.

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